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topacio Aug 2020
and with your introduction
so begins my inability
to make to do lists
because all i want to do
my dear
is you.
Susie Nathan Jan 2020
I Should be busy
Plans were made
But I'm just not
Feeling capable.

So today it's;
Muted ringtone
Notifications too!
I'm hiding away.
Feeling miserable.
Coloured blue.

Screen illuminates,
my guilt resonates.
Messages accumulate
I can guarantee their
voices are irate.

In good faith, in honesty,
yesterday I committed.
It was a good day
I was fooled into
believing, misconceiving.

I thought the dark clouds
Had gone away!
I ought to know better!
The nature of this
Smothering beast,
Cannot be tethered.
He loosens his grip
But will never
Fully release.
I'll just let this one slip

I've been sleeping late
but not to meet the due date
i've starved my plants for 3 days
tho i know i'll cry if it dies
i went downstairs to do laundry
ended up trying a new recipe
i'm just too lazy to move my bone
slowly i'm addicted to being alone

I'll just let this one slip

i absolutely have no clue
what do people my age usually do?
Today I told myself "can't wait to finish degree and pursue my dream!" Then i realized, why did i bother registering for the program if it wasn't my dream in the first place? Or.. am i just starting to shift my focus and lose my passion..?
Feliz G Apr 2017
Madaming taon ay nakalipas.
Madaming litrato natakpan.
Bakit hindi mo pa nakakalimutan?
What even am I doing with my summer break really?
MellowMomo Jul 2016
Tick tock tick tock
There goes the clock 

Busy with ticking away
Every second of the day
Giving a sound to time
Indicating day or nighttime

Tick tock tick tock
There goes the clock

Its hands are clapping 
While time is unwrapping 
Clapping on the beat
Every second never offbeat

Tick tock tick tock
There goes the clock

It seems to go so fast
When you're having a blast
Other times not at all
Time then just seems to crawl

Tick tock tick tock
There goes the clock

Again I give a big sigh
Trying hard to deny
That another day went by
Another day to say goodbye

Tick tock tick tock
There goes the clock

— The End —