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g d bubb May 2019
I'm tired behind the eyes
and it goes so much further
than just having a bad night sleep.
AnxiousOcean Mar 2019
For a moment I would stop
and gaze at the sunset;
as the sun humbles itself,
I still could not forget.

For a moment I would stop
and search for the moon;
for the night is overwhelming,
I hope it fades away very soon.

For a moment I would stop
and listen to my demons;
different voices, different tones,
they are hungry lions.

For a moment I would stop
and recall my past;
what had happened?
What was that blast?

For a moment I would stop
and realize my mistakes;
I thought they would strengthen me,
but anxiety is all they make.

For a moment I would stop
and overthink for a while;
I could not sleep,
the sheep had ran a mile.

For a moment I would stop
and do nothing, but sank;
I feel nothing, am I nothing?
'Cause I feel like I'm blank.

For a moment I would stop,
hoping that this will all stop;
because I'm too drained
for another teardrop.
Have you ever had that moment when time stops and everything becomes cold and silent? It feels like your time is up and all you can do is to think about it over and over again.

Think                                             ­  h
                    Th   ink                        e
   Ov ert  hink                                  l
                    ­                                      p
   . . ...                                                

Psygopath m i  n    d                      m
                                ­                          e
   . ... .
You Didn't Just                                '
Let Me                                              m

be            ­                                          d
                     ­                                     y
Torn Like                                         i
   T                                                     g

I'm S low ly

I'm writing a small poem every day about how I feel, or the world around me. This is #14
lia Mar 2019
I could never love you,
the way people think I can
I love you in many ways,
complex ways, simple ways, hard ways
but never the way people think I can.
I love you as much as the universe loves her stars,
I love you as much as the rain hitting your bare skin.
but never in the way people think I can.
They think I can only love someone
lightly, softly, friendly, platonically
I love you as Alexander the Great loved Hephaestion.
Secretly, deeply, intensely.
This was originally supposed to be a haiku, now, i think it's a free verse but, to my knowledge i can't remember the correct term.
This poem is about a love that is secret and of the same gender, that is all I will explaok
"I'll go to bed early, I have a busy day tomorrow."
When I lie in bed,
After 9PM,
The world changes.
Night is the worst time of the day.
When you overthink what you're overthinking.
My thoughts go to you.
No, I don't sleep well.
I dream nightmares,
When it's day.
Always on my mind,'
Never on my lips.
When will I surrender?
lins Feb 2019
there’s a we now
but I’m not gonna
overthink it

that’s what I do

sorry babe

you get to deal
with all this crazy

welcome to my world
where everything is big
I’m dramatic
every day

care for me anyway?

I hope you don't get overwhelmed by me being overwhelmed every day of my life.
I don't want to lean on you too much.
D A W N Feb 2019
"she loves me, she loves me not."

those six words rang on my eardrums like alarum bells
reminding me in every beat my heart makes.
they swam through my throat and into my chest; knocking on my
rib cage telling my heart not to fly whenever she says hi.
doubt comes barging on my door like an unwanted guest.
reminding me that in every moment, every gesture she makes are a product
mixed signals.
written: 1/30/18
ever been in a one-sided relationship?
sara Jan 2019
loving me was eating glass
and living for the aftertaste

your favourite track played twice as fast
as if there was no time to waste

you got there first
i got there late

so now it's twice as complicate-d .
feel like its unfinished but i guess that's unfinished business for you

why am i so dramatic lol help
Payton Elizabeth Jan 2019
I called you as a cry for help
You sat there and talked about your day as I sat in silence
I called you and you didn't listen to me, or you I guess you did, you just didn't really hear me
You could hear my heavy sighs, I know you could picture the tears running down my face
But you didn't care
You don't understand the suffocating feeling anxiety will give you
"Why are you crying?"
"Whats wrong?"
"You're fine."
I can hear you when you say these words to me
I swear I can
But they mean nothing to me
... they mean nothing to my anxiety
My anxiety doesn't care that there is no reason to cry
that there is actually nothing wrong
or that I'm fine
Anxiety will give you 1,000 reason to cry and 1,000 things that are wrong, and 1,000 reasons why you are not fine
How depressing is it that in a world full of opportunities, I see every one of them as something to overthink
I worry you'll leave me for this
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