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All these thoughts
are killing me
What should I do?
I have been living
for a long time
but it seems
that my life
is going nowhere
Sometimes, I think
that bullet
wasn't such a bad idea
after all
I don't have much money
All I have is my heart
but I can promise you one thing
we will never be apart
Where you are
right now
is a culmination
of all the decisions
you've made
in the past
I am in my 30s
and life passed me by
I watch all these feel good movies
but they don't make me
feel good at all
They make me feel like
I missed a lot
and there is no turning back
There's nothing I can do
but to look
straight ahead
They say
I'm a hypocrite
for wanting
more money
I ask them,
"What can I do?"
I live
in a world
where money
can bend
all the rules
Tired in endlessness
Infinite cycle of work
just to pay the rent
An empty canvass
A mind full of ideas
How do I begin?
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