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The happy ones come to me
When I’m the most sad
My brain thinks it’s depression but it’s probably just an Artist fad.
Sometimes they stop
Sweet talks and laughs
Those never stop
Where did we go wrong
What’s in our heads?
Have we gone just a little brain dead
If you go then I will go
Wherever you are
I’ll follow
If you carry the light I’ll lead the way
There’s nothing more more than you
If you only knew I’d stay
I’d follow you
When hate and loves divides
I’ll be there beside you
Taking your hand in mine
I’ll guide us to home
Once it’s my time to go
I will hold your hand until I float
Into the skies I’ll look down
At your smile from the ground
If you lose your way
I’ll be there guiding you
Wherever you are I’ll follow
I’ll shine the light from above
Take your time I won’t go
When hate and loves divides
I’ll be there beside you
Taking your hand in mine
I’ll guide us to home
Love, depression, thoughts, home, light, heaven, hell,
Lingering around
Where’s my thoughts
Maybe on the ground
I’ve tripped over them many of times
I looked back once and kept walking
Carry me with you
Into the light
When I close my eyes
Ever so tight
I see you
Fill me up with your words of love
Take this upon you
My true love
You lift me up
When my spirits are down
You hold me close
I never look down
True love of mine
You were so far away
Now that you’re here
I will always pray
That our love will never die
Please hold my hand
You see me cry
You see what’s more than this
A couple hours of pure bliss
Take upon the words I say
Make them yours and the worlds someday
You know my pain as I know yours
You understand my darkest days
Upon my shoulders leaves a haze
You quickly see this fog of strength
That I wear across my dreary daze
You mask myself with beauty and sleep
Something that’s so hard to keep
This blue across my green eyes
Will one day fade into pink skies
You’ve dug deep into my heavy heart
Oh how brave of you to create this art
You my love
You are my love
Take my love and don’t fall apart
Touch my feelings
Lie to me
Take my heart
You pried from me
Judge me from, your point of view
Take my soul I gave to you
Can I live
After lie and lie
**** me quickly before I die
Raise my spirit before I go
Undo this love
I have let go
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