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ryn Jul 2017
Pitter patter pelt
Darkened clouds consume the light
Sun isn't here now
Betsy Garris Oct 2016
Tell me is it day or night
The dark of dawn or dusk's dim light
Where winds are still yet silence blows
As steady as the river flows
Shades of grey all blend to one
A lost lament of love undone
Moonlit mist or sunless shade
Are all well, or all afraid.
Tell me is life dark or light
Tell me- is it day or night?
Issan Op Oct 2016
Today is one of those days
when your throat is sore for no reason
and your voice scratches its way out of your esophagus;
like an old CD, skipping, and stopping at certain intervals.
Overcast, the sky is an apathetic shade of dolphin grey
The pressure of the inevitable rain, pressing;
holding you with the weight of the sun hidden behind.
Today is one of those days
when you cannot drag yourself out of sleep,
even though you’ve slept for a day and a quarter.
A day where you don’t want to eat,
but you’re still shaking from the hunger
and coffee and cigarettes are all that will do the trick.
Sitting on the pavement, damp and wet.
It hasn’t rained yet but we still never forget
the way the cold feels against our jeans;
smoking cigarette butts, discarded dreams.
With old LCD screens out scratched phones shine
signifying how broken our view of the world may be-
but, clearly, we still see.
As we take random pills we found and pretend we are high-
we drink cheap liquor and curse at the sky.
Sitting on the curb, in the literal gutter,
Loitering’s a constant when you have nowhere to go.
Walking for hours
in rain, heat or snow,
our lives in a bag,
wearing the same clothes.
Showering in a gas station sink,
shoplifting to eat,
the parks were our bed
the bleachers our dining rooms.
The shelter kicked us out for fighting that old guy
and the soup kitchens didn’t feed us
because we didn’t have the proper paperwork.
Our skin is grey and pale as the sky,
our eyes are full of light
as our brain starts to die;
but we are free,
and we fly-
                          “wild birds.”
I was homeless for a while, it wasn't that bad, now that I am "stable" I sometimes long I could go back to that life.
I like the light overcast
Its not too sunny or too dark
Its just right
The perfect amount of coverage of the scorching sun
I hope you get the best of this and gave fun
Because I know I will.
Overcasts make everything much cooler
Amitav Radiance Aug 2014
Overcast weather
Rains have dampened the spirits
Rescued by shared parasol
the lone survivor is on
his raft at sea
creaking and swaying
in a tide that can't decide
calmness or turbulence

the sun is out yet
the clouds are endless
together in their gray
unison like a blanket
of dust

his eyes greet the waters naught
but opaque and black
were it not for the navy streams
from the poor muddled light
Might add to it.  Wanted to make a more metaphorical poem.

— The End —