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Io  Jul 14
Io Jul 14
Slivers of lost light
Ignite the under belly
Of a grey abyss
And we went into the small hut
Jack  Jun 2018
Dark overcast
Jack Jun 2018
This self-hatred I feel is overwhelming
I've cut my skin deep
Drank myself up and away
Smoked myself to sleep for weeks
It's too painful to be sober now, not with this dark overcast
No one has come to wisk me away
I fear this dark overcast won't ever go away
Come save me and say:
"It'll all be okay"
What a waste
This dark overcast won't ever go away

Marisol Quiroz Jul 2018
rain against the rooftop,
an old melody in my head,
and a bittersweet taste against my tongue.
early may’s rain falls quick and soft
to april’s soft flower bed,
and steals away the setting sun.

it is with quick resolve
and soft delay
that i sit here,
alone today.

— a night in may
Andrew  Jul 2018
Andrew Jul 2018
The day is overcast
From an ogre blast
Of the covert class
Giving a motor mass
About a potent past
Building a molten mask
To avoid the token task
Of fighting the coldest clash
To break our coated cast

They only help
If it's for wealth
Then they stealth
Once it's dealt
Until they melt
Into their belts
Providing welts

Prioritizing financial impunity
Over helping their community
Then asking for social immunity
After all they do to me
Being so rude to be
Hopelessly glued to greed
Until we are blue and bleed

They kick up dirt and flee
Into sandy eyes that plead
But as far as I can see
Vultures are flying free
Over the uprooted trees
Conquering overseas
A manifest destiny
They claim is for me

They won't take a leap of faith
Life for them is keep and take
Saying let them eat cake
Over the bones we break
Because the serious stake
Is our entire life's fate
Yet they can't relate
So we live in a state
Of being an inmate
Of their opulent hate
So they can feel great

Clouds cover the sky
As clowns suffer and die
Because we suffer from lies
Of the ***** drawn flies
Blocking the sunrise
annh Apr 12
You are a sky of broken promises;
In the early morning, bluer than blue,
By midday, overcast with a shower on the way,
As evening falls, I trudge home hunched against your cold rain,
My trusty umbrella doing its best to shield me from my disappointment.

Yet again.

‘When all is said and done, the weather and love are the two elements about which one can never be sure.’
- Alice Hoffman, Here on Earth
patty m  Apr 2016
Smoke Witch
patty m Apr 2016
Smoke witch
gathering storm clouds
just past the peak of mushrooms
litanies of cicadas sing
scratchy melodies
to blustering winds
setting dust flying.

Rain let it rain, end the
violent extremes of this
desiccated land of summer.
Let it rain
where brooks once gurgled
and rivers rippled,
before entire  fields vanished
and we became the starving..

Anthems of thunder rumble
accompanied by bolts of lightning,
At last it comes in downpours,
sheets flattening in the wind. . .
rain-washed black branches
blend with overcast gray.
silver puddles shimmer.
Ankle deep in mud we twirl  
catching rain on parched tongues;
oh the blessed relief.  
The end of drought
and soon seeds of hope will rise
green against the dark rich soil,
food to appease hunger.

Moonlit gathering,
liquid bliss like tears moistens our cheeks as
we **** the marrow of acorns
and a handful of pine needles,
whispering in ancient tongues;
Shrouded figures among the trees,
a silver eye watches ferns uncurl,
We will endure,
running full force into the eye of the storm
stopping only to gather gifts from
earths shadow..
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