she'll convince you it was your bark not her bite, even when she holds your ****** body in her maw.

— don't believe the beast
it's not you, it's them.
you claim you've changed,
and maybe that's true,
but not where it matters,
not where it's due.

— a snake can shed its skin too
a snake who sheds its skin is still a snake
even on the days we don’t speak,
i whisper i love you to the wind,
hoping it will be carried to you on the breeze.

— i never go a day without saying i love you
i never like to go a day without saying it, never
it came like midnight cold,
slowly through the cracks of unlocked doors.
it’s wasn’t until it spilled from my mouth
that i began to know;
this bitter black ink
seeping from between my teeth,
belonged to you,
and not to me.
without apology.

— i refuse to let your bitter black heart bleed into mine any longer
toxicity bleeds and i refuse to be your unwilling sponge
i thought it would be easier this time
but it wasn’t,
it never is.
those last goodbyes,
that last kiss,
it never is,
it never is.

— saying goodbye never gets easier
you cannot silence my voice,
erase who i am and stand to be.
i will not be pushed to nonexistence,
for my story is not written in pencil,
it is written in ink.

― and i will leave my mark on history
don't forget to register to vote and then actually go vote this novemeber
and so today i drew open the curtains of my ribcage and i brushed the dust off my heart and i forgave you.

— an excerpt from a letter to you
sorry for the lack of content, haven't been feeling particularly inspired. don't really like anything i can manage to write. here's a short and old piece in the mean time.
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