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i held an old friend to my wrist tonight
panicked and unable to breath
a mess of sickening sobs
he pressed down against me
holding me in a comforting embrace
the tears soon ceased
and again i could breath
beneath my wristwatch band
i’ll keep this forbidden secret
nobody can know but me
nobody can know but me.

— relapse
i’m sorry
i don’t find myself writing love poetry as often anymore.
i wonder to myself;
is it because i have lost the words for which to describe you,
or have i lost you to the words?

— i don’t want to know the answer
i have died a thousand times
of a thousand cuts
of a thousand broken hearts.

— but tonight i experience death for the first time

for my great grandmother, who passed away recently.
i am in love with the ocean,
and while he is beautiful and strong,
he is turning my heart into a cliff.
eroding me away,
bit by bit.

— i'm afraid soon there will be nothing left

this was written a couple weeks ago, enjoy
Marisol Quiroz Dec 2018
she'll convince you it was your bark not her bite, even when she holds your ****** body in her maw.

— don't believe the beast
it's not you, it's them.
Marisol Quiroz Dec 2018
you claim you've changed,
and maybe that's true,
but not where it matters,
not where it's due.

— a snake can shed its skin too
a snake who sheds its skin is still a snake
Marisol Quiroz Dec 2018
even on the days we don’t speak,
i whisper i love you to the wind,
hoping it will be carried to you on the breeze.

— i never go a day without saying i love you
i never like to go a day without saying it, never
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