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Marisol Quiroz Mar 2021
growing up has been holding eulogies
for the people that i used to be
maybe that’s why i’ve been wearing black
since i was bruise kneed and fourteen
when i look in the mirror i don’t
recognize the girl i see but when she
stares back there’s a sort of comfort,
in her hunger pain frame...
grown out of the cracks of the city
like a **** on the sidewalk—
surviving despite being stepped on.

when i was older i knew who i was,
bright eyed and bushy tailed,
bruising my lungs with the songs i’ve sung
in sacrifice for this body is a temple but it
is far from sacred and i am the god to
whom it is devoted.

it’s raining salt like sunday nights,
self doubt and sea water,
everything i could be escapes from my
mouth faster than i can breathe—
i woke up tired seven years ago
and i haven’t recovered since.  

i wear myself like my second best skin,
we are the mask and the wearer
and every me is me
the past is just as infinite as the future
but i’ve been holding eulogies since i was fourteen
and mourning is always harder on monday’s when everything is new but me.

— when i was older
not fond of the title for this piece. feel free to suggest a better one below. still experimenting with line break and punctuation (was written to be spoken word more than read. attempting to replicate spoken word with punctuation)
Marisol Quiroz Jan 2021
i am shattering like glass
as everything around me slips away
reality fragmenting, i reach to grab shards
sharp enough to slit my own wrists

i return to tendencies of self destruction
like returning to an abusive ex
because even when things are bad
there is comfort in the familiarity pain.

— dis(comfort)
Marisol Quiroz Jan 2021
and when you complain
about the bite you receive
do not forget
who sharpened these teeth.

— you taught this dog to bite
this is mostly unfinished, i cant figure out a way to begin this poem. perhaps it is poetic in its own right that i only know how to end it.
Marisol Quiroz Feb 2020
between numb and nothing,
i was somewhere in between.
where you felt lonely,
i felt relief.

— we had two very different endings
dont like the title of this one i cant think of one that i like enough. but ive had this sitting around for awhile like months and wanted to give you all some content. feel free to suggest a better title if you can provide one that fits with in my title style.
Marisol Quiroz Oct 2019
the villainy you teach me i will execute—
after all,
the devil has his miracles too.

—and i am no saint
love thy neighbor as thyself. treat thy neighbor as thyself want to be treated.
Marisol Quiroz Oct 2019
lips wrapped in regret,
the bitter taste of betrayal.
tipsy-tongued we tangled,
breaking all the rules at once.

— i asked if you’d remember when i should've asked if you'd regret
Marisol Quiroz May 2019
i held an old friend to my wrist tonight
panicked and unable to breath
a mess of sickening sobs
he pressed down against me
holding me in a comforting embrace
the tears soon ceased
and again i could breath
beneath my wristwatch band
i’ll keep this forbidden secret
nobody can know but me
nobody can know but me.

— relapse
i’m sorry
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