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Aaron E Feb 12
Look at us deciphering from scattered bits of simple cadence

Gluing framing gaining prudent palette learning newer flavors

Loosening the meaning proving brighter than you once expected

Catapulting action leaving no depiction undisected.

Incomplete induction building context of compressed impressions

Sifting pieces understanding wanderlust in simple lessons

Pouring into view the words
Assuming form in function destined

Coloring a loose interpretation
Fusing loving heaven.

Seldom do the patrons of this theater construct it perfect

None the less the picture seeds a lust and makes the effort worth it
Try Dec 2018
short and sweet,
same way i like my ladies,
is how i like my poetry,
it's a treat,
delightful and filling,
far from over whelming,
as we are already 5 rounds in,
preposterous to think of us together,
i am just not into long term,
nor into a long strung out read,
i need room to breath,
to remain feeling free,
not locked down,
becoming a light that slowly dims,
gotta fly free,
shine brightly,
tomorrow is not for certain,
gotta go all in,
for one night,
could be the night i am waiting for,
tho another day is another day,
stuck at the Drop In Center,
been at my Cross Roads,
for quite some time now,
still not sure which way to go tho,
its quite the weight on my chest,
more overwhelming then any mistress,
that i distrust getting caught being mischievous,
her chalice has yet to be balanced,
her charm wont keep her safe from Karma s wrath,
my trash bin is over flowing with lengthy writings,
phone numbers of old conquests,
my soul is consistently flowing Like Water,
short and sweet,
like the girls i had over last night,
they always got the biggest impact,
but you gotta choose your words wisely,
to take Control of the flow,
the audience reads it in.

© Try
short and sweet, are always very enjoyable reads,
overly long are tiresome,
then you get a medium and it can be quite interesting and captivating.
tho i enjoy mine short and sweet
unravel my thoughts,
like a bunch of necklaces tangled together.
unscramble my words,
like a puzzle.
decode the meanings behind my Instagram captions,
to try to understand my ways.
theater class brought me to write this, haven't been in the best state of mind and the whole class i was playing with a small piece of paper.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Moulded words
Peaceful apathy
Beautiful dark
Stimulating space
Unspeakable tolls
Translucent dreams,
Cling on the hope
Happiness with rules
Farewell to moral links

Chasing a time all the way
Final try, yet a wonder
A endless mystery
All we are, fragile inside

Simplified Math,
Who knows the future?
Whether to divide or subtract....
Life’s filled with surprises
I write to enjoy my style
Shared from my Anthology: Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Created for a special purpose,

Be the reason of my existence

Take off your skin for a cause,

I know it is what you desire most.

In your presence, I am vulnerable

But together we will be untouchable

Feed the fire with our desires

Ignite it to burn the sky

Let our heart beat be your rhythm

Listen to the music as it slows down

And match your movement with mine

As we dance in the moonlight.
Nothing really special.. Still i feel so numb.
Lehua Lokelaulii Jul 2014
"You think that i can't see what kind of man you are,
if you are a man at all."

— The End —