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David Bojay Jan 29
Talking to my GoPro as if it were you
Current truths
Diminish the whirling blues
inside my head where you don’t have a clue

out the zoo with my emotions
In the beginning eased it with some sleep
Because I couldn’t see the reasons for my grief
Out the shadows and the light is brief
What to think?
What to know?

The tension is rigorous
Kept inside a pin
Let it sit and sizzle until it’s smoke

Open the vents, and let it go

To seize a chance for peace
Dismantle the layers of myself
Find you in a *****
A memory I’ll always love
My love just don’t lose grip

But to love is to see you free
A peak I couldn’t see
Relief indeed
Let it bleed
Let it bleed

Let it bleed

Consume the dooms
Swallow the distrust
The other side of the moon

The ending will come soon

Sitting in my room

About to make some chicken....
Pastelblitz Jan 29
We were on your bed with bright blue blankets and red printed pillows

Laughing and cuddling in the yellow and orange rays of the sunlight streaming through the curtains

We talked about the pale blue and gray paint strokes of your whale painting and all the items you cared for so deeply on your daring red desk

You giggled at so many things...

On a normal bright and colorful summer day

I leaned in to kiss your forehead


As I closed my eyes

The colors got a little dimmer

And I woke up to my alarm in a cold, damp, and dull room

And as my alarm rang, I wondered

Am I truly over you?
Why do I care about you so much still? I miss you, why the **** do I miss you? I hate these emotions I thought I was over you? I want to talk to you? Why do I want to talk to you?
Haydee Jan 26
FaceTime Unavailable.
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Hey, it’s me, just saying ****....
Hey, just wanted to check up o.....
Hi, I really miss yo......
Just saying what’s u.......
I’m constantly bombarded by thoughts of you
I wake up .... You
I go to class.... You
I study.... You
But I still can’t understand
Why I’m not over....
Was the word I said when you asked me to be yours. When you said I want you to be mine
Out was where we went , no matter the time. I’d go out with you over and over and over again because i never wanted the time with you to end
Was how I felt when you held me in your arms, when I called and you’d always answer . When I knew i could rely on you to be the answer but
Somehow, over time, I began to think I was not the answer. Multiple Choice but I was not the right choice, I was the choice that’s so close to right it made it difficult for you to decide
But you decided that you were willing to be almost right to be with me and I didn’t appreciate that til your heart. Your mind. Your thoughts. Your time. Left Me
That word has become so familiar now
Has become a common response to me now
I fight for your attention
Your time
Your affection
I fight for the right to my thoughts
My attention
I’m losing
FaceTime Unavailable
I see you.
Talking to her
Her could be a stranger
Her could be a mutual friend
Her could be your someone close
But her isn’t me, so it could be anybody
But I want to be her
What is it about our past relationship that is keeping me hooked
Why do I feel like I am not free
I know I don’t want a relationship
I know what you’re probably going to tell the next girl the next her but.
I don’t care.

Saint Audrey Jan 24
Off the edge
We took from another life
Seeing Your
face is a cold reprise

Thinning down
collapsed against the wall
Our shared sense
Of being lost again

We only run
Once there's nowhere left to hide
You embrace me
But your body felt cold
I'm not the one you hold

You see me
But your eyes has no spark
I'm not the one you mark


I understand
Our love has become bland

The time has come
To you to say goodbye
I'm not dumb
But, i wanna cry

Cause you,
The one that can make me so blue
When you don't have a clue
What i feel about you

Only you,
That turn my life so new
Know what goal i should pursue
When I'm with you

It's my cue
Not to impose your goodwill
And let you leave
With happy weave
I'm still dreaming about you
I never pictured this outcome
You're like a nightmare
That I can't wake up from
So many words wasted
On poems written about you
I never wanted any of this
I hope you're haunted too
Get out of jail free
Should not exist
As partners in crime
You also deserve this
I'm drowning in guilt
There is no remedy
You can leave a person in the past
But you can never erase the memory
I don't know why
I love this game so much
It got me tangled into situations
That even I could never imagined.

I guess this is my consequences
Of trying to figure out the difficult
Of trying to lighten up the dark
Of trying to mend what's broke
Of trying to lift what's drown.
Maybe I did play with fire
And I'm loving the way you burn me.

When you call me up
Saying you need me
I came running to you.
And the moment
When I want us to stay
You'd left for someone else.

When I want to talk
You'd shout and walk away,
When I needed you
You'd ingore and shut me up.
Isn't this so toxic?
This love is complicated,
But I guess it never was,
Since there's only one that loved
The other one thought she wasn't enough.

And just when I'm out of air
Saying baby you suffocate me and you're the air I breathe.
This is our endgame,
Baby I won't say "please stay".
it just...
sits there.
it never moves
never blinks.
never flashes
never rings.
not a text
not a ding.
what life
was like
when you
            down the
            phone at
            ten to
to me
CROW Jan 17
My heart melts like candle wax,
Its sorrow only stax,
My heart was made of solid gold,
But it has began to grow cold,
Everything i have done,
Every heart i wish that i had won,
But all i am is all alone,
My helplessness has only grown.
Broken Hearts can be Mended. But melted hearts are soullessly blended
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