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Preethi Richards Nov 2020
They are beautiful and untamed ,
They grow up against the harsh winds,
They spread like a river freely with
No boundaries,
They blossom whose fragrance takes to a new world ,
They are fragile like a beautiful heart and sensitive like a baby ,
They make the heart ponder and love stronger ,
They laugh lovably and makes hearts fly like a feather
And they are Flowers the true wild flowers ❤️
Aa Harvey Sep 2020
Love Love

Maybe I am just in love with love,
But is that such a bad thing?
If I want to find love, why can I not keep on believing?
I may just love love, but surely when I am in love that is good.
Surely to be with someone who loves love should be good enough.

I would love her the way I love to be in love,
And still you say that this is wrong?
Who are you to say that?
What is it that you have you done?
Who have you loved to say my love is not right?
Who are you to tell me anything other than goodbye?

I do love love and I will love her until the end.
I am in love with love; I will love her without pretend,
Because she is love, so I do love love.  On that you can depend.
You can go ahead; you do your own mistakes this night.
I'll create my own and you can keep on believing,
That only you can be right.

What insight do you have to tell me what to do?
Do I care?  I love love so boo-hoo,
I hope I scare you away from telling me what to do;
How to love and what to say.
I do what feels right; I say what I like.
I love the only way I know how, I love love my way.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Yuwa Iveren Aug 2020
There were times we swayed
High on you
High on me
But do you realize
Times have strayed
Into paths unhinged
With breathless pain

Your description
Was everything I'm not
Her virtue
Her hands
These brought you joy
Then you saw me
And that made you feel
Liberated and free
It was all surreal

I am the worst
Sweet is my tongue
Heavy sit my word
I am your best fear
The one you hold dear

Here I go writing to you again
About these feelings
About us
About dreams
But I am pain
I am love
I am hope
I am naught
The everything
And all in one

I am the not for you
Can't you see what is true?
Those nights you remember you weren't made for them
Bandhana rai Apr 2018
Once we were one.
Then two years ahead we were sometimes two
Four years in and I broke you into two
And I swear,my love, I never meant to.
I barely knew I was breaking you.
I let my insecurities poison you.
For the delight of always being right.
I got mad at you.
And at the present you no longer function like you used to.
Oh my love! my lovely love! oh my love!
I promise from onwards I’ll only treasure you.
I will shower you with raindrops of love!
And hope one day in your garden a rose grows!
So please look up at me again with those eyes.
Those eyes with the dazzling lights!
Those eyes that blind me with eternal love!
Give me another chance, baby I swear I’ll make it better
Awesome Occasion
Change and open up your heart to the world
You may hesitate to make a move just in trance
Because you are afraid of thunderous herald
Which love waves may change to another glance

Love is what simply takes waway life in passion
Beauty is what comes to light in different streaks
Do not ask me about my love style and the fashion
Its sheer warmth from heart to heart, cheek to cheek

Let my love portray the real treasure gifted by God
Let my love feel the pain and pleasure in one chain
Let us seek whatever is needed in life from the Lord
Let us celebrate awesome occasion in drizzling rain

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
reabetswe Aug 2017
after everything that happened
I still find myself running back to you
to find comfort for everything going bad in my life
I don't know what's it about you that makes me long and crave for you this much
I'm scared of telling you how i really feel about you,how much you make me whole, and keep me sane
But I can't help thinking
what if you lose interest again?
what if you stop loving me when i need you most?
what then?
I'll always carry you in my heart
I wish we could go back to how we were before, how you looked at me and always made sure i were okay
I love yo for everything you've taught me
and I hope one day you find your true love
one who won't be want to let go of you like i can't let go too
Relationships teach us a lot in life. I only wish there weren't any heartbreaks, long nights of crying, because of all the hurt we encounter. Loving someone is something special. You get to feel like a whole new person. Love love
fatin May 2016
i thought it was me
the girl in your dreams
--through your lonely sleep
the one you held so close to your chest
i thought it was me
--you're feeling for

behind all my thoughts was all your thoughts about her
mmikee Sep 2015
Dear heart,
how could thou hold still all tis while?
how could thou beat all forms of throbbing and hurting?
how could thou hold?
how could thou?

I am unworthy of thy service
I am unworthy of thy trust
I am unworthy of anything
for I fall and I break
I never learned

I am fragile
I am stubborn
I am weak,
and that is trouble

If I were thou and you were I
I should be in trouble
for you know the mind and will are sometimes lost
Oh dear heart,
how will I ever repay you?
I finished a bunch of Catherine Cookson's novels! she's quite a brilliance! I have never heard of her until today! Although her novels are quite a roller coaster ride there's plenty to learn! Are there any other writers I haven't known? Ohhh life is too short and there's a great deal of novels I haven't read. Any suggestions?

this poem is inspired from the emotions spurred by Catherine Cookson's novels and of course my fellow Law student crush.




Noone should

Ever give up on.
Love is so powerful that we all need it,no matter the form;be it friends,spouse,strangers etc
her Jul 2014
Blue is my favorite color
I seem to wear it best
When I'm missing you
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