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I went to the seaside in the early morning;
Rain cried heavily on the wet sand,
Leaving my footprints as an anchor with my real life.
I observed the murky mist covering the surface of the sea,
While the white gulls swarming upon the sea;
I stood rooted to the wet sand motionless,
Staring at the angry waves profoundly;
It seemed like my whole life was described in those waves,
Each wave had a deep notion to declare.
A wave of mistrust, betrayal, detest;
Infinite waves kept moving nearer to me,
And I kept trying to move forward dauntlessly
To overcome all the hurdles and worriments.
If you leave me in the lurch,
And forget the withered leaves
Of my crumbling branches,
Don’t you dare come again!
May the colossal forest be your
Misadventure in seek for filling
Your profound emptiness.
Oh so grand! Deep in the forest;
I shall grow afresh into
The mighty oak that once
Stood its ground mightily;
Embodied in my towering sturdiness.
Ali Hilout Jun 7
I seek true peace, the kind you fail
To bring to light; yet, came across
With a long walk pier that has lights on the sides;
On a shore with beige sand,
Once I reach my fingers down into the sand;
Its grains give you chills and a unique relief,
Where your thoughts show signs of life,
For them to dance in the melodies of my mind.
Ali Hilout May 7
I sought for serenity in countless ways;
Then I found quietude in her,
And she became my fountain of tranquillity.
Ali Hilout Apr 26
A person can hide everything in his life;
But the one thing he cannot keep out of sight,
Is when he falls in love with a woman!
Something which is impossible to conceal completely;
It is a wild feeling and beyond control!
Ali Hilout Apr 22
I encounter and observe many conversations daily
But, some conversations have a significant merit
The ones where words are mute and unexpressed
Not necessarily needed, but fathomable perfectly
Through silence and eyes that two gaze at
A spontaneous voiceless never-ending harmony
It entices naturally and connects us to our deepest selves.
Ali Hilout Apr 9
I bemoan over the scarcity of many things I seek for,
And with past burdens new woes descended on my shoulder;
I am gone to a watery grave filled with sorrows;
Yet to be experienced and suffer from it deeply.
I sought for affection to quell my rage and ire,
But then I still weep and wail at sorrows bygone;
I am foundering in waves of deep woes,
Unable to fight them back bravely;
I had faith on time with all I have,
And it offered me a life span and ash.
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