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First it's the knees that let us down
Then it's our back and Our arms
Next we lose our balance
And we struggle to move along.

We worry about all kind of things
Paranoia is no ones friend
Problems increase and mutiply
They just never seem to end.

Now our teeth they start to crumble
No longer the grinding mill
We go to the dentist often
We.have certain teeth to be filled.

Our taste buds start to fail us
And we struggle with our sight
We would love to go out in the evening
But we get scared when it's dark at night.

Do you remember when we were younger
When we were in our youth
We really were so happy
We've got photos as living proof.

But now we are much older
Our youth is left in the past
Those days we still remember
If only those days would last.
Inspired by the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 12 .
I love my little coffee cup
Its just my kind of thing
It is only just a Coffee cup
But oh what joy it Brings.
I wake up in the morning
The coffee cup is there
Just me and my cup of  coffee
A calming love affair.
It's just the  way to start the day
And then it's off to work
The hustle and the bustle
When  working in the the dirt.
And then I have my sandwiches
Along with mugs of tea
That's the way it's always been
In the building industry.
We work so hard throughout the day
It's the way we builders are
And when it comes to Friday night
We are propping up the Bar.
But I love my little coffee cup
Its just my kind of thing
It is only just a coffee cup
But oh what joy it brings
The cup makes all the difference
Our world it is so beautiful
You can see it in the trees
But just like a lovely garden
We need to remove those weeds.

We know there are many rivers
Along with flowing streams
But with all of earths pollution
It's a nightmare instead of a dream.

And there is the animal kingdom
With creatures of every kind
But the way we treat our animals
It's disturbing to the mind.

What about the Human race
We  only have one mother earth
We all should join together
For we all are of equal worth.

So just like that beautiful garden
And when all those weeds have gone
This world will be a perfect place
For everyone to live on.
Sitting on a park bench
It was a lovely summer's day
The sound of all those seagulls
We were whiling the time Away.

The garden looked so peaceful
Everyone felt at ease
Relaxing laughing talking
Just a mile away from The sea.

It's name is palace gardens
And it dwells there in the park
It has a display of wonderful things
Like flowers and beautiful art,

It has a war memorial
Of soldiers who died in war
And has a certain atmosphere
One we've never felt before.

Maybe there's a presance of angels
It really feels seriel
If you were here with us
You would know just how we feel.

But nice things don't last forever
Soon it will be homeward bound
We truly had a lovely time
In the palace garden grounds.
Simple poem I wrote during a holiday. It was such a tranquil feeling we had sitting in this lovely park called the palace gardens
Just because you cannot
visibly see it,
doesn't mean
it's not there.

It hides behind the stranger's smile
              behind closed doors
              behind your loved one's eyes
              behind "I'm good."
in plain sight.
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