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I used to be a live wire
Out every single night
Living my life in the fast lane
Heading for the City lights.

I used to go to the discos
Dancing with all those girls
I fell in love with one of them
She set my heart a whirl.

Soon after we got married
We had children one two and three
Then it was time to knuckle down
It was a working life for me.

We saved to get a mortgage
For a house that we could buy
Working on the building sight
Those bricks just multiplied.

We saved and went on holidays
With those summers on the beach
It was such a wonderful happy time
A break for a couple of weeks.

Now that was many years ago
No moŕe dancing around with girls
No more life in the fast lane
We are living in the real world.

Now our working days are over
We are older it must be said
And when it comes to nightime
We get tired and go to bed.
Looking back to the days when we were fancy free.
Caught up in the strings of violins
Flying high above the trees
The echoing sound of sweet melody
With beautiful orchestral harmony

Celestial lights with joy they bring
Taking one somewhere afar
Distant worlds where angels sing
With orchestra and shining stars

This velvet voice a delight to hear
One's mind and soul are carried away
With no fear or regret everyone's there
In a place where nirvana waits.

Savouring this moment that,s like a dream
Where all can come and go as please
Caught up in the strings of violins
This musical feeling of ecstasy.

Now it's back on earth to reality
This music just took too flight
The orchestration reached the heart
Reflecting this beautiful stary  night.
I heard a song accompanied by a beautiful orchestra
On the radio never heard it before it took me to another realm
Such a lovely sound,it was out of this world.
Come and join us
You will fit in well
Our minds intwine
We are all of a kind.

Let's make plans
And lets shake hands
Together we get on fine.
So welcome to the Club.

You have a face that fits
So stay within our circle
Together we all click.
Have you ever felt that you are not
Part of a click and you are some what left out of things.
Not a very well written poem but I wrote it some years ago when I felt
I wasn't part of a group of people. I didn't feel welcomed.
Sparrows are coming from nowhere
I thought they had all disappeared
They've been gone for such a long time
We haven't seen them for many years.
All of a sudden they all reappear
There sound is rather unique
Such a pleasant bird indeed
When they wake you up from sleep.
I wonder why they have returned
It seems like a mystery to me
One day we'll find the answer
Untill then just let it be.
Maybe things run in cycles
In a sky that's governed by wings
We may have gained much knowledge
But we don't know everything.
This world is full of confusion
We will never quite understand
It's the same with all the sea life
We are simply mortal man.
I remember when I was a child
Sparrows were not all that rare
Then they started dwindling
I was totally unaware
Then it was brought to my notice
Where have all the sparrows gone ?
I looked and could not find them
Then suddenly I found only one.
So the moral of this story
They left but no one knew where
Now sparrows all flock together
And we see them everywhere .
This year we have had seen no end of sparrows in our garden
We haven't seen them for years or at least not seems
The sparrows have returned.
Books will soon be fading out
Devices are what we explore
Technology will keep progressing
We are improving more and more
There will be another way too write
They will say no need for ink
Just press the words on your tablet
We have newer ways to think.

Now everything is download
And we are ordering things on line
Soon banks will be run by computers
The sign of these changing times.
Things seem to be moving faster
More so than the speed of light
Keeping up is very hard
When things change overnight.

Now cars will soon go electric
And no drivers will need to drive
It will be similar to a sat nav
We should never be surprised
Who'd think the time would ever come
Where technology rules this earth
Say no to political robots
That simply will never work.
Basically just a fun poem and exaggeration
Of some possibilities. not to be taken seriously
Maybe the moon for holidays in the future.
Lets hope this storm blows over
It is looking rather bad
Its really so alarming
When nations get raging mad.

It only takes one foolish move
And all we need is one
Lives could be in Danger
And our planet could be gone.

Looking at the papers
And hearing all the news
It's really not surprising
Why folk drink so much *****.

No need to speak of dooms day
We have heard it all before
Then in these times of warfare
The enemy's at the door.

This storm it may pass over
And it could happen in a flash
Then the fear of it passing
Is the chance it may come back.

Lets hope the nation's all see sense
They have so much to lose
They know the consequences
So what road are they going to choose.
Sometimes we can't help but worry about the stability of this world
With so much friction between nations.
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