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The hammer is falling, my fists are clenching and teeth gnashing while my bones are crunching. Waves of pain are crashing, breaking. The voices are calling but no one is there, not even myself. The blood is pumping, aided by adrenaline dumping. The lack of the drug is inducing my mind to start seizing, both my legs are freezing, involuntarily quaking. The sensation of claws are slashing my back. As my heart keeps thumping, pumping and jumping. Now my blood is pooling. So the attack dogs keep drooling. They smell the blood and begin to whip into a frenzy. I jump up and start running, because the dogs, when hungry are very cunning. I was moving fast as if I had wheels, but one dog was much faster and now nips at my heels. The dog bit my foot so I tripped and then fell. Now it’s gnawing on my leg and I don’t feel very well. So I patted the dog’s head and then laid down for a spell…will I wake up? Only time will tell.
Just HAD to write something. Couldn't take my lack of productivity any longer. And I don't ever want the (suicidal thoughts) that can result. So, yeah, here it be my beloved people.
Maurice Apr 2020
You're like the villain in my own story
as soon as it seems good you reappear,
what was once so close is no longer near.

When I take one step forward, you take two steps back
two steps forward, four steps back
no matter where I go, I'm always trapped.

I stand on these crutches but others stand higher,
while they're looking ahead, I'm looking tired
I guess it's just how we're wired.

We've convinced ourself this is normal
"I'm just stuck in a rut!" but in actuality,
maybe I'm just a nut?
Penguin Poems Jan 2019
You took my soul with you when you left
You had lost yours so you borrowed mine
Now I’m just an empty shell
The sweet nut taken out and treasured
And the crackled shell left to disintegrate.
My body decomposing,
I walk around becoming a zombie,
filled to the brim with anxieties and lost hope
lost hope for a future with you
because there was so much more we were supposed to do
but of course you took your heart and soul with you when you left this earth,
and decided to take mine too.
Sean Dec 2018
Knees shake
*** quakes
My nut like a loose cannon
The bust plentiful when it happens
The might of this nut
Destroys oncoming traffic
People running
From the


Timur Shamatov Nov 2018
It’s been said that I couldn’t do it,
Go without a nut till the end of December.
The whispers growing louder as
The bets are growing higher,
Cause no one trust the line that
Timur has given up the nut,
Ah, let me check... yes
From the mid of November.
Am I crazy to play this game?
Cause I’m as weak as any other man.
And what can be better then a nut on
A cold morning in mid of December?
And oh my god there’s so many nuts,
Of every shape, size and color
But ****** I’m a man and I can
Give up a nut till the end of December.
But you better believe it
That the day after The Cold Sad December,
Your boy is going crazy to celebrate
The End Of No Nut December.
Oh you know, just messing around trying to win this bets.
Justyn Huang Nov 2018
No Nut November
Is the hardest thing
I have ever participated in.

Seriously, it’s really hard.
Like all the time, and at the most

Waiting for the train? Hard.
Taking a dump? Hard.
Wedding or funeral?
Yea let’s not go there...

But the worst moment by far
was telling a homeless man
I didn’t have any change, and he
Said, “it’s okay, no one’s been this
happy to see me in years”

No Nut November is a cultural movement observed around the world where Men attempt to prevent themselves from ******* for the whole 30 days of November
Nadja Jan 2018
Promises with nuts don't count
Scott Hamsun Dec 2016
Well it seems that one million miles from my home
where the water is clear and the valleys are gold
And the land that is really home to me
is all the way across the sea

I hold in my hand my soul and my fate
I try to use gold when lead would be great
I can tell even though I cannot see
The land that I care for is full of beauty

The old me is gone and I miss his laugh
But he's captive now in a photograph
And the many great things I could have seen here
have vanished with time and gone with the years

Ive looked through the sky and fallen like rain
the place that I landed was never explained
the mobile I was given from a drunken clown
painted my smile just like his cold frown

for how far I've traveled Im in the same place
sometimes I doubt life isn't a race
and even with all the trips round the sun
time can **** pain just as good as a gun
LJ May 2016
A thunder in a crack of the ceiling
A shift of lifts
A slit of drifts
A lightening in the blanket of the cloud

A ghost in an alley of the monument
A walk of talks
A well of balks
A shadow in the groovy path of an ago

A cupid stuck and struck by a serpentine
A tale of the past
A pale hue of trust
An arrow aimed at the kernel of the nut
kenny Diamond Dec 2015
I am random but heart of gold
Love or hate me kind of person
I walk on glass for people i love
A dream of love in world that  has been so cold
I am misunderstood but to see me is something great
I want grow  and look at world outside of the box
My words are from my heart
I have open soul but my story is still going on
I fall but get back up see another day
I am me in this nutshell
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