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Maurice May 2022
Every week
we wake back up
to a tragedy,
a massacre,
an endless cycle,
bound to repeat.

They say our cities are dangerous
they shovel money
into the mouth of the beast
nothing ever changes -
an endless cycle,
bound to repeat.

They say our children are in danger
that they are lied to and manipulated,
fighting against the teachers
they once called heroes,
we are stuck in a cycle,
bound to repeat.

How many more must perish
in the war against each other
the solution is clear -
yet we are still full of fear
please break this cycle,
we don't want it to repeat.
Maurice May 2022
Time spent with family
I'm able to break free
from all these bad habits
constantly chasing after me.
They never truly go away
sticking to me
like a shadow sticks
to the concrete.
Time spent away
distanced from my past
I feel finally free
from the demons in me.
Now I'm home alone,
I'm all on my own
I was naive
I thought I was free.
Knocking on the door
I hear a familiar sound
it's my shadow; the demon
I've been found.
Maurice May 2022
Whenever I return
I make sure to take notice
of all your quirks and the works
that in a few years
will be gone on short notice.
I photograph and I film
so later I can reflect
on all the time together
we have spent.
My best friend since birth
my partner in crime
we do everything together, yet
I cannot imagine a world without you
my beautiful divine.
Hair as white as snow
and eyes as blue as the sky
your pink nose, and ears
and the smile you leave behind.
I cherish and treasure
every single moment together,
you are spoiled and sometimes rotten
but rest assured, that in my life
you will never be forgotten.
They say mans best friend
is D-O-G
but to me that's a fable,
because for me
it's C-A-T
never forget, I love you Kenny
Maurice May 2022
I smoke to forget
I fill my head up with clouds
like a thick fog on the ocean blue
so my memories are unable to cut through

To cover up and hide away
all of my pain and shame of yesterday
I smoke to forget
my life full of regret

Like my head's up my ***
I fill my head up with gas
and feel relief from the fumes
that cloud up my room

As I lay here, I languish
contemplating my own demise
for when I look in my mirror
the eyes I see, I don't recognize

Because I fill my head up with smoke
so I don't have to evoke
all of my pain and shame
I have hidden away since yesterday
Maurice Mar 2022
I don't recognize the man in the mirror
because he is not the man I see
he is the perception of me
not my reality

When I look in the mirror
all that I see is that unfamiliar stranger
with his crooked smile and fixated eyes
looking back at me

He follows my movements,
my quirks and the works,
yet, all I see is a depiction
of a man destined for work.

The bags under his eyes
carry the weight of the world
His brow is stained with sweat,
his lip is curled

This man in the mirror,
he is not me.
He was, and always will be
a depiction
of what the world expects from me.
Maurice Jul 2020
This is the poem I don't know how to write,
the one where I am able to express myself
articulately and with ease

the one where I know what to say
and how to say it

the one where I can relax
from the fear of imperfection

the one where I explain myself,
feelings, and emotions all in my head

the one loved and adored by all
remembered not forgotten

This is the poem I don't know how to write.
Maurice Jul 2020
where do we go when we are alone?
when we are lost without a place to call home
except for a cheap imitation
that looks so familiar to home
with the same outside
with the changed interior
it's like two personalities
trapped in a closet
jingling the handle
to a locked door
fighting to get out
but nobody hears you
nobody sees you
you are alone
so, where do we go?
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