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Maurice Jul 2020
This is the poem I don't know how to write,
the one where I am able to express myself
articulately and with ease

the one where I know what to say
and how to say it

the one where I can relax
from the fear of imperfection

the one where I explain myself,
feelings, and emotions all in my head

the one loved and adored by all
remembered not forgotten

This is the poem I don't know how to write.
Maurice Jul 2020
where do we go when we are alone?
when we are lost without a place to call home
except for a cheap imitation
that looks so familiar to home
with the same outside
with the changed interior
it's like two personalities
trapped in a closet
jingling the handle
to a locked door
fighting to get out
but nobody hears you
nobody sees you
you are alone
so, where do we go?
Maurice May 2020
your absence has been revealing
the reach of your arms; exposed
my thoughts,
feelings and actions
forever altered from our encounter

I have learned from our departure
you were not the flaw
I was flawed before we met
and now understand that you were my voice
but I haven't spoken since
Part 2 of 3
Maurice May 2020
its been two years
without you in my life
since I abruptly left
years full of pain and confusion
of being lost
the pain you brought me
was nothing compared to the pain without you
the soundtrack of my life
Part 1 of 3
Maurice Apr 2020
i am
the fork in the road
while others choose
i stay

left AND right
good AND bad
happy AND sad
love AND hate

the forgotten third wheel
unable to decide
destined to remain
stuck in the middle ground
Maurice Apr 2020
it's one of those days
where nothing seems to be going right
and everything is out to get you,
woken up on the wrong side of the bed
and your whole day is off
you feel uncomfortable
but for no particular reason,
you're trapped inside with nothing to do
desperate to socialize
but your mood is contradicting your thoughts
and you get annoyed at the littlest things
but you don't know why
and no matter what you do to fix it
nothing will change
because it's one of those days
and those days never end
while we're stuck inside,
doomed to repeat them again.
Maurice Apr 2020
You're like the villain in my own story
as soon as it seems good you reappear,
what was once so close is no longer near.

When I take one step forward, you take two steps back
two steps forward, four steps back
no matter where I go, I'm always trapped.

I stand on these crutches but others stand higher,
while they're looking ahead, I'm looking tired
I guess it's just how we're wired.

We've convinced ourself this is normal
"I'm just stuck in a rut!" but in actuality,
maybe I'm just a nut?
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