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Prister Aug 5
I've never seen such a handsome Devil, with a whip that looks like sickles. She makes my world look fickle, like she's ending the world of angels. So I go make many bets, which I win in the end. Yet every game needs to end to start another with it's end.
It was the last bet. This time, It was she who made it. She had said I would regret if I went to Heaven without her and in return I said "My dear, you would be the one who will regret going to Hell with me." To say the least she won and Got the Last Laugh.
My crush who refuses to brush and play along with me.
write and remember
you can meet a member
nearest to your heart

or you imagine that
and you must be the widest
because the time had the thought

try and remember
your heart will not forget
it does not also forgive

you as you may do a fault
make him wide
from his love, he meets

as you always say
the time stops at my way
traveling is the best way to change the life way, but you meet a lover at your way. what can you do?
Timur Shamatov Nov 2018
It’s been said that I couldn’t do it,
Go without a nut till the end of December.
The whispers growing louder as
The bets are growing higher,
Cause no one trust the line that
Timur has given up the nut,
Ah, let me check... yes
From the mid of November.
Am I crazy to play this game?
Cause I’m as weak as any other man.
And what can be better then a nut on
A cold morning in mid of December?
And oh my god there’s so many nuts,
Of every shape, size and color
But ****** I’m a man and I can
Give up a nut till the end of December.
But you better believe it
That the day after The Cold Sad December,
Your boy is going crazy to celebrate
The End Of No Nut December.
Oh you know, just messing around trying to win this bets.
Begin again

Begin again

Don't fair

Look at the day

Coming with fear

Spreading by a way

Of God who will gave

The power to gain

Every wish, every dream

The river stopped

By stone or weir

It faces and pushes away

If it couldn't

It doesn't give away

And forces again

Or it turns around

To complete its way

If the sun was hid

Before the dark clouds

It may get its anger

It concentrated its rays

Making the clouds crying

With a lot of tears

The wind may stopped

By strong mount

Which thought it gains

But it losses

As  the winds takes

Parts and get its

Amount decreases

Day by day

At night

There is only God

Who makes the fire ash

Who convert the huge

Into small and might vanish

Smile and get happy

If you don't, breath fresh

And say with a way

Dismisses the sad

And put the hope

Into your head

The light comes after dark

The fear puts its junk

After the dark increases its power

You will gain the best

Your enemy will suffer

after short way
do not stop
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Why didn't they run away
Every fiber of their being
Screaming to jump the gun
Their hearts, racing for miles
The heavens, spun at their smiles
The earth, shook at their embrace
The universe sounded an alarm
Blinded by each other,
Eyes that wouldn't see
Took a gamble, place a bet
And lost...

— The End —