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Matthew Nov 2019
We are all shells of pain 
and if you get close enough
you can hear an ocean of misery.
Timur Shamatov Nov 2018
It’s been said that I couldn’t do it,
Go without a nut till the end of December.
The whispers growing louder as
The bets are growing higher,
Cause no one trust the line that
Timur has given up the nut,
Ah, let me check... yes
From the mid of November.
Am I crazy to play this game?
Cause I’m as weak as any other man.
And what can be better then a nut on
A cold morning in mid of December?
And oh my god there’s so many nuts,
Of every shape, size and color
But ****** I’m a man and I can
Give up a nut till the end of December.
But you better believe it
That the day after The Cold Sad December,
Your boy is going crazy to celebrate
The End Of No Nut December.
Oh you know, just messing around trying to win this bets.
Kim Essary Mar 2018
Remembering the time so many years ago
Aunts and Uncles, and their children all drove for miles,
For this I ask myself , as the dinner table amused me
like the
Movement of a Merry go round
Round one round two
Could we carve the **** bird before round three
Not a chance first sisters vs sisters the circus life amusing not so as our holiday cheer. It's never enough joined their husbands like freaks a muse  from a mime show couldn't rain so clear. At last the children joined in a rustle a bustle round and round we go
Can someone stop this ride I scream this family is a joke
Next year I'm begging you to miss the turn to this circus mochary get your kids and don't forget the dog see your way to the door
Aw the circus life is a freak show Everytime our family gets together
Don't send an invitation nor will I just remember in order to ride this ride you must be so tall take a seat , keep your hands and your feet inside the ride at all times because if your family is your foa distinguished such as mine hold on tight it's gonna be a ride to remember oh one hell of a ride
Choice I chose now grown to not attend family gatherings I can't take the amusement
DivineDao Jul 2016
Purring roar above pine tree tops

Constant trance rhythm of a drum

Happy childrens trickeling laughter

Quick breathing pattern of a dog

Softly sleeping after long tiring day

Swimming jumping playing with waves

Chasing the center of circles around circles in sunlight

Fresh scents linger within us until the first night twinkles

Turn on the ethereal loving waiting for the deep orange

Moon to shine on pretty girls in flickering skirts and boys

Eager to meet them down by the salty bay bathing white

Sea pebbles

At~once      anything       seems      possible

Crickets churn and prolong their melodies

As hammocs sway n' sway in the gossamer breeze
Like kind <3 eternity

— The End —