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kenny Diamond Jan 2022
I will rise from  the ash
Spreading my wings
As sun hits me
The ash fallen down
Leaving  the pain
The past mistakes
The negative that held me
The sadness tore me apart
Alll falls down
As it mix in with ash
I am the phonix
Time to rise above

By Kenny Diamond
kenny Diamond Jun 2020
i wake up
empty in my heart
the tears roll down
i am lost inside my sadness
the thoughts enter my mind
over taking my soul.with negative
i want break free and just scream
no one hears me
i get up wear my mask
but under the mask is the hurt that.lives deep inside
not everything is ment to be pretty
i just need u be light during my darkest days

Kenny diamond
#love #life #think #people #light #me. #mask
kenny Diamond Oct 2018
this not a poem but  just my thoughts

I want to have a book one day but not sure if I am good enough.  I think being able  to just have  book  is something great

I had writer's block for while I want to write but not sure of words. I am going get back into reading help with my writing.

I know this not from but I feel like  this place I can vent
kenny Diamond Oct 2018
wish I could be reason u smile
Being the guy fix your broken heart
A warm hand hold during your darkest days
Wipe your tears
make you smile but never to cry
I am left on this battlefield
Only my heart in my hand
Hope is in air
so is my warmth
Cutting up from past
But never gave up on love
I miss the feeling as flows deep inside me
I forgot the world when I
saw you
But then woke up was left with just thought of yo
kenny Diamond Aug 2018
Why do I care
My heart reminds  too
I wear  my feelings out there for the world to see
I don t  want be the sucker at the end of your stick
But the man who gives you the reason to smile
I don t want  be just another number
Or be  the model of your past mistakes
kenny Diamond Jul 2018
I  have so much I want to say
But not sure how to put it into  words
My feelings out on paper
But my mind  is blocked
I write  but then I take  it away
I  judge myself  while  I tear myself apart
I start over  as my thoughts pour out
Still  thinking to myself
I want to touch people with my words
The negative  cuts in deep
The voice telling me  
Not to write and  just give up
who will I be

The feeling of  writing  
Overtakes me  
Being able  to
Give yourself to   the world
let  your words  tell the story
At  times I feel  free
I open myself up
And hope you can see me for being me.
kenny Diamond Jul 2018
Why  is it so hard finding love
People  give  up  at  the start
Too lazy get know each  other
Put the work  in and  leave the past in the past
The mistake of others put on you
Here are my flaws
I show you who I am
I bring no faded images
You wanted perfect  
but  have flaws
here  is me  
A  man who wears  his heart  for the world  to seee
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