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Zane Safrit Jan 2019
Raddled, addled
oh my goodness
some dimes in the
jukebox baby

A substantive
No gargantuan
Evening awaits us
Only question

Do we grab it
Race like wildfire
Down our road
Never look back

If the wherewithal
lies within us
God’ll forgive us
Might even smile at us

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
The four words today are: Raddled, Substantive, Gargantuan, Wherewithal.
Zane Safrit Jan 2019
Painful misunderstandings
complicated altercations
Confused mashup
of regrets and hope

They cumulate, proliferate
who adjudicates
We all step up
For another ride

Copyright © 2019 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
M-W's Word of the Day for today and Jan 22-24 were Adjudicate, Proliferate, Cumulate, Imbroglio
Nadja Jan 2018
Promises with nuts don't count
Mara W Kayh Nov 2017
poets break all the rules
hello, i've been gone for a while - back now. even if it is with just 4 words. or did I just break a rule and use 5?
Your race,
Your pace!
This is the best way to sum up your life, at any given point. You're not competing with anyone, you're not doing what everyone else is doing...
You are running your own race and only you can determine how long it should take for you to reach the finish line...if there is even one.

— The End —