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Knocking on my exterior, my wall.
Do not penetrate it, it does not shake.
Your knuckles aren’t hard or clammering
They nudge.
They ease and they test.
Your presence has allowed me to be.
You draw it out like maple from a tree.
You allow it to pour, and flow, and feel.

You set a red path in front of me, it shines.
Shauna Bendel Jun 2017
Let your tongue renew me, intoxicate delicacy
in words you style with grace
until I consume a shade of your
u n k n o w n
Do what you have to do
For the good of the pack
Because the pack is life

Do what you have to do
For the good of yourself
Because the pack is only a pack
Of the pups that make it up

Do what you have to do
To preserve the self
That which not only nourishes
Chris Neilson Feb 2017
If blessed with eyesight
don't be a clone
look at the world
without your phone

Break from the treadmill
step aside the rat race
live your life in 3D
feel the breeze on your face

Embrace the moment
feel the passion
don't be a victim
of passing fashion

Savour a good day
it may never return
close the laptop
try other ways to learn

Take a leap of faith
try living your dream
don't let your river
become a stream

Listen to nature
hear the bell toll
enrich your life
nourish your soul
Give it a try, you know you want to :)
s Dec 2016
I am obsessed with becoming a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, I don't want to hate myself anymore
I will keep drinking zero calorie sparkling water and doing sit ups until my stomach aches and smiling through the painful runs
because **** it
its going to be worth it
I don't need the dinner roll
I don't need the candy
I just need to be proud of my body.
I am on a journey to being healthy, and it may be a little bit twisted but it will end good, I just know it.
I will get to where I want to be and I am excited haha this is scattered but I am just venting my thoughts out tonight
I feed you with love,
I nourish you with my smile,

my endless patience, my sunshine, my passion,
I nurture you with all things
what can do to you to bloom.

I revealed you my deepest secrets
and feed you with my own blood.

Only you can make me
as I am today,
freed from ties in certain way.

Thank you so much
never forget
be grateful to He.

AD. Tuesday 4th October 2016
Created for my Best of Best Friends
Mazen Edlibi Oct 2016
He followed the call of his Heart!
He followed the signal from Universe!
He kept all those voices  named as Norms, Limits, Fears behind his Big Heart…
He shouted his Love… His Feelings…His Emotions to Universe!
He Shouted out a Message….
“It is my time to live the life I should live with My Heart!”
He is the “Healer” I call…
She is the “Free Breath” I call…
What a Joy they brought to me and the whole world!
Honoured “Love”…. Trusted “Spirit”…Grounded “Belief”… Led to happiness beyond words to express!

Jealous felt!

What needed to Shout one’s “Love”?

Question requires immense courage to have within the self!

Nourish yourself with Courage that your heart is bigger than the world!

Thanks M & V for the Moral you taught the world!
Destiny C Apr 2016
Nourish the minds all around.
Yours may lack a strong foundation
easily withered
Easily shaken- concussed.
But nourish the minds all around.
They will give your mind reason to thrive.
They will return the favor.
But if it's too late , the wisdom given to the minds will not perish but enter the everlasting cycle of apportioning to other minds.
Wisdom is knowledge.
lack of wisdom is lack of knowledge.
If that makes any sense.
Maybe even moreso if it doesn't.
Who knows? ;)

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