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Shofi Ahmed May 2017
This little heart of mine
often you nourished it
and cherished it gladly
as if it was a sweet smile
among a million primulas!

Oh, this little heart of mine
how often should it be scrutinised
be squeezed into the flip side?
What magic, should it show up?
Though no longer one sheds a tear
but spares a dose of love.

The sweetest moments in life
only come from love.
The harrowing ones are
no strangers—too big and bold
and could flesh out with no bound.
But fill this with only a slice—
not the lot—just with a bit of love,
this little heart of mine!
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2018
Add bright colors

Add bright colors to your world,
to nourish your mind,
sweeten your heart,
and paint smiles on your face.

Hussein Dekmak

jerelii  Jun 2018
Be Your Love
jerelii Jun 2018
To love one’s self
To accept her flaws instead of thinking out why she’s helpless
Know that you are amazing
in you; you can find love
when you treat yourself better
you also treat yourself with the
love and care you deserve
Know that you are stronger
than any storms
and that we all
have different battles that we are facing
in our life everyday
But know that we can get through this
And learn to be mindful with the present
And step by step
begin to be grateful for yourself,
for the air that you breathe, for the food that you eat,
for the people that loves you,
for the nature that nourish
you to flourish.
And be your kind of love
because you do this for yourself
to accept, to love,
and to embrace who you are
because you deserve
the right treatment
to be your own uniqueness.

be your love
give and recieve love from yourself
because we need the right proper care and love
that we also owe to ourselves
because we sometimes forget to do this things from ourselves. Self-love is important
to give to yourself.

be kinder than to feel.

you deserve a treat of love & care
from you <3
Silver  Apr 1
Silver Apr 1
I sit in the bath and try to make amends
I tell my body that I'm sorry, that I love her and want to nurture her
And it feels sharp and rude sliding down my tongue.
I look at my flesh and hold her gently, holding my hands back from pinching and grabbing and pounding in frustration.
I love you and I'm sorry
Please stick to my tongue and dissolve sweetly.
Please mean it sometime soon.
All I want is to hold all of my bones to my heart
Keep them inside and insulate them from the cold.
My brain split in two
One side holds flowers
The other armed with arrows
Point me in the direction of resolution
Pull back and launch with force
Don't make me choose it-
I probably won't.
recovery, eating disorder, ed, ed recovery, anorexia,
Flavia Oct 2012
The summer sun and winter winds
ride peacef'ly through the blue.
Yet every flower
on the hour
aches for only you.
Of the bud,
I am the mud
that nourish deepest roots
who watch in vain
as life remain
under another's boots.
King Panda  Oct 2015
King Panda Oct 2015
grounded bird closed in
ribboned-box and buried
underneath a willow snapped back
to finally relax
to decompose and nourish
by the lake in drooping shade
the felled leaves pile
candy wrappers gray snow in
parking lot corners
with pumpkin spice scented candles
with charred letters skirling up
the arm dropped to sizzle and puff out
white beanies
leather boots and jangly bronze-leafed wind chimes
I sit on the patio and listen to you speak
the chill of your words
perched like a squirrel barking on a fence top
hibernation preparation and breeze
the gospel of your autumn

it’s lovely.
Sachin Subedi Apr 2018
If the roots are dry it is to be made moist
Let it nourish
Marinade the roots with moisture
Keep the roots within
To the ground for moisture

Fly high, ok it is
But do not let the flight so high above a wall of the horizon
That it is hard to be on the ground, to the mother earth
Keep it above if you do for sure
Yet to the ground of course
And nourish it
Nourish it from the ground

Nourishment gives fruit
Don't indulge to the fruit for long
Fruits are beautiful
They get proper nourishment from the roots of existence
To be realized is the essence of nourishment
The nourishment... It does come from the ground
The fruit realizes it for sure
So it bows down to the ground as it ripens

Step into the nature of being
Welcome to the realization
Of nature
Welcome the nature
Of realization
The trees always realize
The truth of the roots they are in
Realize it
Humans are walking trees.
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