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Parker Poole Dec 2020
My true sickness
is that I never feel more loved
than when I'm on my knees for you
And I crave it more than anything
Parker Poole Aug 2020
i am cherry red lipstick
i am 6 shots of whiskey and loud words
i am soft fairy lights
i am the day and the night, simultaneously
i am my mothers daughter and then some
i am unashamed, bare faced
i am artist
i am writer
i am being

thank you
weird, free verse
Parker Poole Jul 2020
if it werent for this chameleon skin
could anybody truly love me?
Parker Poole Jul 2020
you broke me

but its fine
I'll shrug it off
it doesn't hurt anyways
I dont wanna rip myself apart anyways

I hope the pieces of me will finally make you feel full
Parker Poole Jul 2020
chasing after a vision
that never existed
perceiving the world as it is or it isnt
viewing the truth and the lies as they're twisted

what a world that we live in
Parker Poole Jun 2020
sleepless sins simply settle into your soul and slip sedatives in your sanity
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