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Love lasts Oct 2018
And now
Im far from home
Im not sure where to go
I never wanted to hurt you
but you wanted to hurt me
and then you left me in the cold

So here's what it feels like to be lonely
And now im not afraid that I will be okay
Love lasts Sep 2018
Be Still my Soul
As watch these fears and Giants fall
Don't be afraid
I know you are here
I don't need to let go
For your love and mercy
Will follow me
I won't be afraid
For peace in my heart will know
To the people who are in fear and anxieties -Be still (H.W)
Love lasts Aug 2018
I'd say I am the man who believes in Hope
The person who is willing to carry these burdens,
hurt, pain, and sadness. But lately, I start to lose hope everyday
a little
by little
I try to feel alive, happy, but sometimes I become a little sappy.
I'm too tired to try,
tell me the reason why?
I'm hanging on with my last ounce of strength
Won't someone come for help?
I cry a little louder for them to hear
But it feels like they have no ears
I do vices one cannot bear
But will my love give me a little bit of fresh air?
I try to live and love everyday
But now I think all my efforts are now grey
Love lasts Aug 2018
The nights draw closer
The days grow shorter
Everyday I try to feel fulfilled
It's that feeling of getting thrilled

Yet deep down something is missing
To the point I'm crying,
Crying myself to sleep
and its everyday I weep

You've kept me in chains
But now I have to let go
of these constraints
Goodbye my love
One day, you'll see me rise above
Vices and Fears
Love lasts Oct 2017
I love you
Those words will always be remembered
Three words that can scar you
Three syllables that may hurt
But isn't that what makes it beautiful

I miss you
Three words that can hurt
As if you would know it's worth
Always remember those words

These bittersweet words
These words are all we have
Make every moment count
Because you don't know
You don't know when it will all disappear
Love lasts Oct 2017
They say learn to let go
Let go with love and kindess
But wouldn't that entrap you with blindness
Others say hate to let go
But wouldn't that hurt you more
Won't that break you to the core

For me love the memories
But never hate consume you
For this is all treasuries
Treasuries to store in your heart
For this is loves art
The beauty of love

Always love what you had
Always love the little things
For those little moments and memories
These are what makes love special
This is the beauty of love
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