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Anubis Aug 2020
I’ve been fighting for myself lately
If it were you it would drive you crazy
All of the battles I’ve voluntarily fought
Have saved you from becoming distraught
Death has a way of knocking you down
Mental health & hate being thrown around
I’ve kept my cool and gotten things done
Yet I stay strong and keep my head on
On this day, my journey has only begun
(But alas, my battle I have finally won)
By Anubis
Anubis Aug 2020
I was strong enough to bury your pain
I fight for that every day
I told you I had to silence your haste
I fight for you every day

You knew I’d step up to take care of you
You knew I’d have no choice
You made me into a leader
You made me into your scripture

You left before I could say goodbye
You left before I could even cry
You left before I had a chance to help
You left before I could help you grow

I’ll miss you everyday of my life
I’ll miss you with every burial I conduct
I’ll miss you with every face I embalm
I’ll miss you with every hint of the past
I’ll miss you in the future milestones

I wanted to grow together
We were always best friends
I’m not a mind reader

But I will always fight for your honor
I love you Corbin. RIP. For Pluto. Read his poems. I have them posted on my profile.
Anubis Aug 2020
Tao fills my spirit
Heat dances across my face
The wind, I can hear it
Rays of white in empty space

Fulfilled with earths nutrients
Beams of UVA and UVB
The end, I can’t see it
The sunlight forever shall be

The moon vs the sun
The light and dark abide
Heat and love and light
It’s all what’s on the inside

Today I feel hopeful
For sunshine fuels my heart
Today I can improve
For this is a brand new start
For Anubis, by Anubis
Anubis Aug 2020
Mental hospital doors swing open
The strap you down and feed you pills
Doctor labels your forehead BI POLAR
Admin sends your family all the bills
You get released during a pandemic
No follow up care ignites all your fears
You continue to write down your bible
You’ve been writing all these years
Writings of your own justified suicide
How your holy ways are the sacrifice
You claim visions of the past and future
You hear voices in the middle of the night  

You take your fathers gun

and drive away

Never to return home again...

Your sister who lives so far away
Never got to see you after your stay
Never got the chance to say goodbye
Now she sits on your bed and cries

Your sister finds your suicide notes
Filled with angry and feverish haste

Your sister buries you with so much respect

& she buries you with so much grace...
Based on a true story.
Anubis Aug 2020
He had a wave of superiority
Could not feel true synchronicity

Grew a false sense of understanding
Fell from above with no soft landing

Sacrificed himself like Christ almighty
Schizophrenia and THC felt so inviting...

Now Anubis must lay him to rest
Was it Pluto who really knew best?
For Pluto, My Blood, My Brother
Anubis Jul 2020
I see your gaze in the eyes of the deceased. They cry my tears at the burials. I touch your face every time I embalm. I smooth your clothes every time I dress bodies. You are my reason.You engulf my practice. You have etched your face onto every urn and every casket.

Reminders of you fill my everyday.
For Pluto
Anubis Jul 2020
The sun rose over the mountain tops
Last night I was upset now I forgot
And I’m done being an afterthought
This world is mine just as you sought

Goodbye Pluto, au revoir
Your plans of granger are now afar
Your philosophy glows like the stars
Not a soul to read your dark memoirs
For Pluto
Anubis Jul 2020
Beauteous waves of growth
Inferior to the unknown
I sit here in the undertow
Heart so heavy yet is bestowed
For Pluto
Anubis Jul 2020
A dark shadow cascades against the contrast of the walls. A silhouette of a dog on its hind legs looms the darkness. This presence fools those into thinking the consumption of death is a horror.  

This being steps toward those grasping for life with their last breath. A cool sensation starts engulfing the feeling of consciousness. A sense of understanding fills the crisp air of the room.

Why are we fooled by the fear, and not consumed by the genuine nature of protection and peace?
For Pluto
Anubis Jul 2020
A new case through the prep room doors
On my table ready to be embalmed
A lifetime of hardships and promises
Now forgotten who’s right and been wronged

A new case on my prep room table
Ages have ranged from youth to so old
A lifetime of hardships and promises
Their story shall not go untold

My forceps, my scalpel, my chemicals
Pumped arteries as I drain their blood
A lifetime of hardships and promises
I embalm the oh so beloved...
For Pluto
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