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Farzaneh Qaf Oct 2020
Don't let me soak in thy dream
Don't even send me letters nor thy purple screams
Thou Art the wind that blows
Through the forests of lost souls of some broken holes
Smell of sadness on thy lips' pinky shades
Shall I seek it? Or just leave it so it fades
Thy majestic horrible mind, made a trick of glorified love song
I loved that song, with every and each cell of my heart and mind
Thou possessive sacred *****
****** the blood of my vessels
Into your glass of thy muscles
To impower the brutal heart of thine
Never mind
When I die
I will be fine
Farzaneh Qaf Mar 2020
how vulnerable I am around thee
how enjoyable you look around me
the magnificent magic of thy lips,
seems unbearable to the mind of a Poetess
Thy beauty's storm
get my conscious out of society's norm
loving thee, life time state
leaving thee? no more mistake
for thee, I'm a fruitful tree
thee shalt take the All of Me
To her Greatness.
Farzaneh Qaf Feb 2020
They said don't dream
I did
They said don't love
I did
They said don't fall
I did
They said just live
I left
Farzaneh Qaf Jan 2020
My mother, sadness
My father, prison
I was their child
My name was "freedom"
Farzaneh Qaf Jan 2020
She was a perfectionist
And Sadness was in the process to its summit
Farzaneh Qaf Jan 2020
When one's heart begins to beat
For the sake of "someone"
It won't get stopped
Till "something" blocks
The vessels of hope
Farzaneh Qaf Jan 2020
You are Deaf to my songs
And I'm the only song writer
Who writes your existance
Through her musical notes
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