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Amber Jun 28
you claim to be honorable
you seem all American

But what if America *****
That flag just billowing with pride and honor
Is just waiving for attention

And you're not really that golden retriever
You're just a dog
One without proper training
Disloyal and fraught

No one can blame a dog
They focus on the present
They stick to what they know

They don't fly

You want attention from every girl but me
You are so desperately seeking love
From everyone
Other than yourself

You claim to focus on awareness and equanimity
But what if you really just need to focus
On to hurting others

You **** at that.
Mark Toney Nov 2019
When just a child the poet's mom said "Son,
Throughout your life beware the sin of pride.
Remember this when every day is done,
What counts the most is who you are inside."

At first he thought his mother's words unfair
For recognition surely has its place.
In time he witnessed prideful thoughts can flare
When undue adulation supplants grace.

The poet took to heart his mother's words
Too many accolades can turn your head.
Vainglory flits away on wings of birds
What's left is mostly emptiness and dread.

Life immersed in modest exhibition
Satisfied with honorable mention
11/18/2019 - Poetry form: Sonnet - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Karijinbba Jul 2019
Pardon the way
that I stare!
reading your ink
leaves me weak
leading me strong
and bare
wanting to read yours dear
can't take my finger
off this cell mirror
keyboard cyberg

My words expressing
my hells
my paradise lands
all gone
madness is not an option to claim

courage and patience
are winning clues
others a must!
Going mis-understood isn't with the great sages reading this;

it's with cold
and timid souls,
knowng neither triumph nor defeat.

Poets across the globe
write much this way
and thrive
Our honorable metaphors
living in interesting times
poetic writers
all tuned in
diverse minds global united we are!

One single thought
our minds become
One single beat
our hearts sing
a tune

Here at Hello poetry
honorable metaphors
with likes and loves
heart throbbing poems
linking us all
at once
from Hello Poetry
across the globe
so that we may
linger on
By: Karijinbba
revised 01/2020.
Revised 07-20/20.
Thanks for reading even if you don't comment like or love. Stay blessed please pray for one another no harm in praying is there!?
Lyn Jul 2018
although he never showed it,

he was a selfless man,

he gave his life for the world, for the future

and i couldn't be more honored and proud

being in love with a great man like him
Mandated this faux gremlin explorer
(alias Cliff Ford) donning reinforced
rubber baby buggy bumpers to dodge
any errant wild jaguar, ram, thunder bird,
bee in blue bonnet hood lamb, et cetera

and/or any cowl screen Fascia hissed
dee fender must be subject to an intense
hot grill, especially if grievous, ferocious,
egregious, deleterious threat to undermine
Democratic pillar, weltanschauung spoiler,

rocker, rims (sic) coarse sea cove dweller,
whose tired hubby capped, (re: proffering
a trim package) houses plenty of junk in
the trunk adorned with harried styled and
tailor made dust ruffle par excellent well

did assembly, who (if not consigned to a
crash test dummy existence), would present
an a door able latchkey cont hinge hint. Fuel
lush con tank cuirass culpable, deplorable,
and execrable fiendish human immigration

injustices (executed abhorrent auto de fe
incognito, nonetheless lock king figurative
gnarled horns with cognoscenti), where
innocent charges teary eyed. Like
a cracked glass, viz shatterproof wind

shield radiator, the plaintive inconsolable
crying babies alarmed Aunt Henna. Mass
media did radio this *******, tripped,
and trashed tragic travesty. No tuner then
atrocious, baseless, callous dirt deed done

dirt cheap, one loud speaker after another
took to the airwaves, and sundry tele
communications outlets. Sad doggone sonic
booms (representative of sub woofer)
soul fully bellowed forth broadcasting across

humungous flat screens appalling catastrophe
unfolding reminiscent of battery abuses
against scapegoats since time immemorial,
otherwise known as (ohm my dog) volt age.

I gauge how wealth (or lack thereof) constitutes
as distributor. Electronic timing controllers
(viv a vis the internet and/or virtual realty
simulates) function as ignition modus operandi
to communicate gross injustices renting asunder

heart wrenching agony engendering abysmal
leap into nothingness. Existence rendered moot
as despicable horrors inflicted upon deportees.
Thee footworn, forlorn foghorn troops (analogous
to stone temple pilots) unwittingly journey into

torturous labyrinth, herein monsters ******
suckling babes. A pained spotlight signals sense
sore re:us, nasty and brutal choking, that throttles
the psyches battered beyond thermostatic threshold
of tolerance. Now any Earthling with sense and sense

ability must heed this alarm and siren infringing
abominably primal tenets, ethos, credos aligning
power train, sans **** sapiens linkedin as
one organic entity.

— The End —