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imai Jan 2019
it feels like i am dreaming
even in waking life—
to long for feelings I’ve never felt
to miss a presence I’ve never met
to relive a memory I’ve never had
it feels strange to miss things
that have never happened
to wish to come back to a time
that has never occurred
to once again be the person
I never was
to revisit a place
I’ve never been

Indeed, it feels strange
to want all that
I’ve had only in my dreams.
I dislike the comma
Whips words while walking

Placed between two words
Whips the former and warns latter to behave and keep space

The comma is a pain
I love it
When words walk without whips
And breathe Free
MB Nov 2018
Never lost, just misplaced
Our fingers remain interlaced
Like the bitter aftertaste
You will never be replaced

Never lost, just misplaced
What a disgrace, this human race
So many lives just go to waste
And the past can never be erased

Never lost, just misplaced
Sometimes lost within the haste
I’ll never forget the look on your face
I love you mom, despite my hate
mslu Nov 2018

i've dipped in and out

the mountains i thought i moved took back their strength

and in the taking,
cracked open the ground

leaving me off-balance than before

yes, i should've fought back but


i stay dipping in and out

there's no such thing as control

no such thing as handled

a loose grip

had me falling through the cracks
and as i fell onto hard times

the darkness welcomed me

so i stayed

. . .
Madisen Kuhn Oct 2018
the bits of apple
between my crooked bottom teeth
remind me of all the homes i’ve lived in
or almost lived in
that have left a sweet but spoiled taste in my mouth
as they rot just under my nose
i have yet to find a place to rest my head
not a clean pillow or warm chest would welcome my cheek
but i have looked and obsessed and tried
i have tried
my fingers ache from all the golden knobs i’ve reached out to
just to have them slammed in the door
again and again and again and againandagainandagain
the wide and narrow roads are lined with
quaint front porches and crooked mailboxes
they are bursting with life
sad ones and dramatic ones and unremarkable ones
gasping and pulsing and humming
but there is nothing suited for me
all the welcome mats have been flipped over
before i clear the front step
so i keep running my tongue over the bite of longing
in places i rather not be
neth jones Apr 2018
Reliving and Preliving
may all my signals ghost to sway
Just falter information
i shall be spirited and a weather
A clamour among all my houses
an assault laid upon my understanding
in knots
combing out the fantastic
a floss upon a sea
and not a wound
; Misplaced I shall better be.

and then I breathe
this is no longer to be
I am in practice
; unfooled to better be
Karisa Brown Jun 2018
She wants to feel important
She wants someone to see her talents
And smile and laugh

To share a common bond
A similar interest
Cause right now
She mostly feels alone

And the silence
Doesn't fill her
Her soul rots away

If she can't get away
From her inner demons
She fears she'll soon fade

Her inner child wants
to feel joy again
To sparkle and such

To light up her eyes
Is all she'll ever want
Carly Geissler Jan 2018
They say that not all who wander are lost.
But wandering does come with a cost,
Because eventually, you become misplaced,
And then you get lost by your own mistake.

My mind was lost a long time ago,
I'm confused and worried nothing to show,
People pass by smiles on their faces.
They say your happiness is you so embrace it.

In society, it is defined as depression,
Scared and dreary, sadness is an obsession,
It makes you upset and confused for days,
It makes you contemplate what other people say.

I try not to live up to society's confirmatory.
I always try to make the most of my abnormality.
But what you don't know is I'm not what you see,
I only display the best version of me.
I thought the rhyming scheme was pretty good. I wrote this a long time ago, trying to come to terms with how I felt inside and I realized that how I felt inside wasn't what society wanted. Because big girls weren't supposed to cry.
Jenn Linh Aug 2017
Upon a fairytale through this parted world
Forces of wrecks are near
Pulling their way between what hearts find matter  

Distance forms realms of broken hearts
Mind and time are like forgotten lands
Reflecting the inner enchantment

Finding you is near
I shall not fret
But worry within me as time consumes
Impossible are we
.. distance has us parted  
and the pieces to our phenomenal puzzle have come up misplaced
We're all or nothing
In this dreamers fairytale

© Jenn Linh
Elin Roberts Jul 2017
and all the while

escapism is a far off dream and you don’t know how to be

co-existing is pain

when your heart wants only for the soul to be free

when for a fleeting moment you forget

that happiness is an illusion of the brain

and all you feel is hollow and bent

misplaced and out of shape

in a world that never really cared for the words

written on your tear stained cheeks
the most relatable part
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