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imai Jan 26
so this is what it feels like to be sad.
my heart tortures itself,
it  does  not  sting  as  much  as  an  ant’s bite,
nor  is it as  severe as  an  open  wound, but the pain reverberates.
my heart throbs  
to the beat of a sad piano tune,
it’s in dissonance.
the pain in my heart does not **** quick,
i think
but i am certain it drains.

so this is what it feels like to love.
my brain becomes unable to do most of  its basic  function,
I lose most of my self and
yet find parts of me I did not know existed, I associate every thing that I see with  Love,
and love everything that I see
I have  been  able  to live  without  Love since I’ve  come  to life,
now, I do not want to

so this is what it feels like to feel.
i’ve come across happiness,
happiness beyond belief.
happiness beyond reason
just the word makes me think of you,
Love you taught  me  how  to feel.
imai Jan 23
you do good acts to please your god
you say good words to appease your god
you offer good things to ease your god
you live your life for your god
whom you fear and teach all your peers
to cower from
you believe your god sees all that you do
and all the others, too
you believe that your god has time for you
you believe in your god
does it believe in you, too?
you live in fear of its judgment
oh god!
I’ve no god,
no one to fear
no one to hear
do i scare you?
I remember you said that
godless people like I scare you
if so,
then am I your god as well?
imai Jan 23
still, I remember her wrapped in sheets
white, will not, could not mistake it
her hands beckoned me to come forward
she seemed proud of her nightly conquest
she wanted me to look
peel my eyelids open
no, she wanted me to stare
down on what she has ensnared
there in her bed,
laid a man revolting,
he did not seem
like a man, rather a demon disguised,
sheets though white could not hide

still, I recall her
smiling triumphantly
looking down proudly on her catch
of all the prey she has caught
this one will be her downfall
imai Jan 23
it feels like i am dreaming
even in waking life—
to long for feelings I’ve never felt
to miss a presence I’ve never met
to relive a memory I’ve never had
it feels strange to miss things
that have never happened
to wish to come back to a time
that has never occurred
to once again be the person
I never was
to revisit a place
I’ve never been

Indeed, it feels strange
to want all that
I’ve had only in my dreams.
imai Jan 17
only the good die young
the wretched stretch and fold
gray then mold
all the sinners inevitably grow old
if this is truly so,
then afterlife’s keeper must be
cruel and cold
treating life as a commodity only
while it sweats gold
of such saying, I’ve been told
and retold
life for the good runs so quickly
it slips your hold

if all good things must come to an end
I shall live forever.
imai Dec 2018
i remember you
in a haze of smoke and liquor
your face illuminated by neon lights
you were a sight impossible to forget,
a sight I’d never regret

so I remember you
your voice echoes in my head
my heart pounds, beats erratically,
though your mouth formed words
I understand not a word you’ve said
with you i’ve become a mess
even without a drop of liquor in me

so I remember you
the heat of the slightest of your touch
your breath on my neck,
every cliché that ran through my mind,
each fear that crossed,
which you’ve erased with time,

I remember you
so vividly
not even time can jade your memory.
to the girl I'm falling for
imai Sep 2018
I’ll keep you in my hands
until you bubble up and fade away
I know that something as
precious you
won’t stay
long enough for me to begin to hate
the clock is ticking,
I know that Time will not wait
for the two of us,
not for me,
not for you,
not for a couple of misfits
of has been’s and too late’s

so I’ll keep you in my arms,
and hold on to you, fiercely,
I will keep you safe.
I know I come off as a coward,
I admit that I am not brave
I will toughen up,
every hardship I will face.

For you, 

whom I love dearly,
no danger is too great.
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