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Sienna Sep 9
why do i mourn the unlocking of my chains?
seems freedom is what i fear most…
Sienna Jun 6
he was all talk
and that says a lot
he rarely spoke
at all.
Sienna Apr 18
i take up your
free time.
problem is
you have none.

so i want you to
make time.
problem is
you dont.
Sienna Apr 13
you act like
loving me is a
curse you count
till the day
you can say
Sienna Apr 13
it breaks my heart to think
im not worth
what it takes
to hold me in your arms
and never say goodbye.
Sienna Mar 19
what you see
is what you get!
so sit back, relax,
and close your eyes...
Sienna Mar 16
wide eyes
sewn shut
20/20 vision
in the dark
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