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Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
along the embankments along the highlights
along the dark light ahead
along the embankments along love
along the beauty and dreams of melodies

i walked I walked one on one
with his own great destiny
i walked I walked one on one
with his own bravery of the wild

and the waves on the shore of the shore played
played waves in the ocean in the sea
and the sea was black black and dark
but the faces are bright but faces

Sarah Mann Jul 2018
“But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve
For daws to peck at. I am not what I am.”

This is a line from Shakespeare’s Othello that has always struck a chord with me. Because in more ways than one it doesn’t make sense. Wearing my heart on my sleeve is a foreign faraway concept for someone like me who struggles to be real and to drop the pretenses. I have built a façade that deems almost inaccessible. However, reality reminds me with people like you that sometimes, broken glass can be just as beautiful. And that vulnerability is not something to be afraid of.

My heart beats rapidly inside of my chest.
My lungs struggle along to catch their breath.
What is this? I ask frantic and almost stressed.
An anatomically correct heart
Lies in the center of my shirt
A gift from someone very dear to me,
Someone who is often times near to me
The melodies of beautiful songs
Accompanied by the delicate strings of a guitar
Ring in my ears as alarms
Rather than acoustic rhythms

I fall to the floor,
Too late to meet up with your shadow
I have once again missed my opportunity.
I think back and the nostalgia washes over me.
I remember when we used to
Steal kisses under the navy-blue night sky
The stars seem to shine just for you and me
I wish with all of my being that we could just be.
That we could stay in this moment forever or perhaps
Just for another minute, just for another second,
Just for one more moment.

But alas, you return home, and so do I,
Back to the mundanity of our everyday lives
You remind of the ocean,  
Powerful and destructive, and yet I find myself
Hopelessly drawn to you.
The serenity of it all knocks my breath away.
I travel to reverie quite often these days
Perhaps it’s to escape the reality
Of the broken pieces that we left behind
When we decided that perhaps together just wasn’t meant to be
The sunshine filtering through your pale colored curtains
The flowers that follow your footsteps
Marking your past and illuminating your future.
I miss you more than these words can spell.
My soul aches terribly thinking of our last farewell.
All I want is your lips pressed against mine
Our hands closer than ever; intertwined;
As we stroll next to the coastline
But instead I’m left alone with my thoughts.

In the process of writing this poem,
I am not only wearing my heart on my chest literally
I’m doing something I rarely do,
An expression of vulnerability
Of unexpectedly sweet feelings.
I am wearing my heart on my sleeve.
Because I know by now, that I have fallen too far.
To even believe, I don’t know if we’re meant to be
I only trust in what I can see,
And hope and pray that you feel the same for me.
Written sometime during the March of 2018. Very powerful piece of writing.
listening out for the catch, through the ordered lines
then running into familiar counter-melodies
that hit the gut like surprise meetings with old friends

pushing against the current
you write the soul’s ebb and flow of discovering
break and breakaway, meet again

figuring it out along the way, slipping back,
humble, soft vulnerability of emitting,
rolling out in music and codes interior landscapes
A poem about how it can feel to listen to Elliott Smith's music and lyrics
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
I'll show you mine
if you show me yours.
She said
as paint dripped down her face.
Humming melodies from out of space.
Isrella Uong May 2018
I would give everything
Just to go back in time
Her body laying next to mine
We’d chant melodies and sing
We’d sing harmonies in sync
We’d sink poetry with 2 minds
2 minds born to cry
Hey body by my side
She’d hear my sound mind
My mind full of sounds for her
For an old friend of mine.
Galib May 2018
Keep your heart blank,
Get up, let’s get drunk,
They take you for granted,
You shouldn't be so frank.

You heart wants another love
Mind says, no!!!, no more,
Don’t be piece of their puzzle,
Keep her ego at the door.

Look ahead, erase your memories,
Redundant episods and felonies,
Set each neuron of your brain,
To bless you with festive melodies.

Your life should be a fortunate roll,
Keep your head up, no more of a fall,
In whomever your heart wants to believe,
Escape that feeling, make her crawl.
Clasp of silvers twice as thin as each other
Both flat to end in its impact
Its echo does not repeat but lingers like static that makes you think of gold.
Drifting in an ascending melody that
Climbs the senses in your ears as much as your skin.

They lead us steadily
To the edge of the mountains and then stops abruptly.
Stopped incredibly as if it's afraid and timid.
Strings play so thinly as each are all skinny.
A miracle moving like smoke and gas welcomes her.

Slow dance in arpeggios, a glimpse of perfection for harmony, tip by tip
And in her quiver
She laments she'll wait forever.

Forever it may be til she is in the arms of the lover.
For the end of all thousand Decembers and Januarys
Undyingly and endlessly.
Anywhere you go
Seek the thunder you wander far and near, wide and narrow.

Until I hear you sigh
Until you stop holding your breath under the brim of our wishing well.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Helene Marie Mar 2018
I held on tight
clinging to the
bits and pieces
of memory
like a broken
record player

the melodies
slowly slipped
through my
trembling fingers

"Please don't stop"
I whispered
"Please don't go"
nostalgia is a dangerous thing, and the memories that come with it must be handled with caution
hayley robertson Mar 2018
You listen to music for the music, and I listen to music for the lyrics.

And that is the difference between us.

You get caught up in the intertwining of chords and harmonies and sound, while I get caught up in the story and the meaning of the song.

You get so excited when you hear a new song because of how it makes you feel, and this is why I listen to the lyrics, because I love that about you.

I need a song to put my thoughts into words.
I need a song to explain how I'm feeling, when maybe I can't get the point across myself.
I need something to express my emotion and my longing.
I need you to know how I feel.
I need you to start listening to the lyrics.
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