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Nimisha Rana Dec 2018
I know  you've been hurt before
I know everybody
Who made promises to stay
Nd just walked away..

I see ur fears,i see  ur wounds
And I see ur beautiful yet tired heart..
That wants nothing  but  to be loved,
To be understood ND to be cared for...

So I choose to love you on days when u want to hate yourself,  I will love u through hails nd storms, through sadness ND bliss, through weary days..

I will love u through  it all because in the end I will have "you"..
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Kewayne Wadley May 2018
I boarded her heart.
Careful to follow the politics of comfort.
Too much weight on either side & We'll surely panic.
Tumbling down.
Spiraling out of control.
I packed light.
Finding everything I need on board.
I enjoyed my window seat.
Being her passenger.
The pleasantries of flying first class.
The view of a different country.
The tedious flutters of anticipation.
Constantly aroused by the exploration of beating hearts.
Continuing to see ourselves in reflection.
Flying destination after destination.
Going here, going there
Non stop.
If ever we should crash.
I'll live knowing this was the best flight I've known.
Light in heart.
Parachute untouched
Letterboxes filled with fake flowers try
Restlessly to prove I'm just mad for you.
Rewrite history: I don't want to die -
Periods of illness will pass, but its views
Numbs my heart and makes the though pain ensue.

Dazed eyelashes once clumped in mascara
Now reveal some of my better choices:
Cure my mind, and give me my tiara -
Spears won't cut my brain, won't free those voices...
Absence can't ****, yet I fear yours might thrice.
For my lover.
skrperceptions Jul 2017
the game called internet,
love is the only interface thats leads you
into my web store which is unconditional to you.
Nida Mahmoed May 2017
My dear world,
Your children's scream in pain,
But no one hearing,
In this ***** mans game,
The edge of the machine,
Cuts so deep,
An eye for an eye,
Makes the whole world blind,
Yet we think another bullet,
Will save us this time!

By; Nida Mahmoed

— The End —