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FLESH Aug 2021
what a joy it is to think
One moment I’m erratic, borderline ******
My face is sticky, so I’m laughing at his jokes
This is me winding down a mountain
looking to sink as I sing into this drink
YOURE taught to live behind a curtain
Meanwhile snot is oozing out my cheeks
IM watching tv
simultaneously pushing buttons
What’s more it’s just another morning
time to get to work again
and I’ve realized it never stopped pouring
9:44 pm
I’d forgotten
Or discovered

Your eyes like faded denim
The smile you’d try to hide
The way you like to tease me
Can’t make you laugh although I try

Like laying in fields of lilac,
tour Tassie attached to my hip.
I rang you like religion
Just to tell you about the trip

there are hard days, they are long ones
I bare just to hear your voice
When my head is filled with static
You’re cutting out the noise

Laying in a dingy tent,
staring at the Milky Way
You told me how you felt for them
the honesty cast fears away

We went to two different festivals
one day after the next
It felt like we were both there
But watching different sets

To wake up to you in winter
Samson whines me back to sleep
The mattress is barren without you both
But The bed’s too warm too leave

You send your love in lettered form
Like medicine in mail
and though the sentiment is old
I found relevance today

Sometimes I fret that you don’t care
How foolish and ambivalent
Sometimes I need reminders of
why I loved you to begin with
Eli Apr 2020
I reek.
I reek of ****.
I reek of **** indeed.
I reek of things I cannot keep.
I reek of things I do not need.
I reek of a soul I do not feed.
I reek of what I wish to never see.

I reek of me.
I smell
chelle Nov 2019
I know a guy that smells like kyarn
Like he's been working in ******
knees deep out on a farm

his hair is long and *****
he's unaware of a brush
But he seems to be happy
and I keep looking for him to flush

He eats the little squirrels
He shoots out of the tree in the yard
he says five makes a meal
I say he's a ******

I have to take him seriously
Sometimes it's really hard
his nose is always running
One day it ran too far

I always get a belly laugh
When he tries to confess his love
I just start praying, Mercy
Have mercy from above
Dog jumps up on bed
Lays beside my head
Mischievously looks at me
As if to say
"I shall **** on you in the night
Wait for it...
the dream stink is coming"
DaSH the Hopeful Sep 2014
Wrinkled lips leak twisted tales in your chiseled space between realities
    The kids all listen to your great advice
Heeding your misanthropic words and singing your praises

       "How right and noble it is to feel so glum and strive to strike down smiles with the tongue
        Ma looks on as the children skin Pa to the bone
         Better to receive than to give"

         They scream in monotone

I sit back and watch transfixed as this transpires
     Thinking on my unforgiven sins and sipping your elixir
       Koolaid from the kitchen served in unwashed broken dishes
        My only desire is for you to finish spinning your stories

     The lies pour forth from the intestines of a sick piglet holed up in the morgue
     You couldn't be real to save your life

Your dead eyes drip crocodile tears into my glass
   I watch it mix slowly and think out loud:
    "You reside in Florida so I guess its appropriate"

   But every puddle has it's bottom and your breath is wasted sobbing
      When you're sinking just to try and float
   So if you'll shut the hell up I'll be much more than happy to slit your ******* throat

— The End —