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colzzmacdonald May 2017
I love how my eyes dance as they do
Especially when they see you
Think about being together
Loving each other forever
For eternity hand in hand
Love me tonight, you’ll understand

I’ll be spring if you feel winter
I’m your sweet when you feel bitter
Springtime colours, they pass us by
So beautiful it makes you cry
When spring comes walk through the flowers
Two souls as one for hours and hours

Fair-weather minds need the sunshine
True hearts show you are really mine
Deep inside your heart is a voice
It speaks words of truth, not by choice
You won’t want to think of the rest
When you have been loved by the best

It has really been such a long, long while
It really feels so good to smile
Keeping each other satisfied
Together laying side by side
As delicate as our love grows
Some people say love is a rose

How far does the universe go?
It is infinite; you should know
A higher power healed our scars
Our love is endless, as the stars
To put it all into some context
I’m here for this life and the next
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
love lessons pending
for two hearts ever mending:
the house is on fire!
colzzmacdonald Apr 2017
Pull me
Kiss my lips with the passion you express
Let me push my body on yours
Feel locked together securely
No one can compare to this love
That's getting stronger all the time
I want to run the back of my hand
Gently down your cheek
I want to
Undo the buttons of your blouse
Let those jeans fall to the floor
Slide my hand inside your underwear
So that we can be naked together
Forever, sensually, softly, lovingly
Cement our love over and over as we become one
Husband and wife
For all of this life and the next
On each of these nights
As the moon provides the only light in the window
I can lose myself in your sighs
Stronger together, weaker apart
Love needs no disguise

— The End —