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Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
We've signed that truce a couple hundred times
Still step on the same couple thousand mines
You break apart, make up, break apart, make up...
Miss Daytona Aug 2019
Benevolence’s dry, therefore,
I look for your acts of violence.

Easier to face it had you carried a sword,
Not just a shield and your armour.

Truce became the deadliest of weapons.  

Turns out there is no blade sharper
than the white flag of a martyr.
Darryl M May 2019
You’re the one that gets it.
Whatsoever it is.
I used to believe that commitment was for losers.
I guess I lost after all.

Even when distracted.
My thoughts still run towards you.
Whenever I see you, I’m all goosebumps.
And my heart sprints with joy.
My tears shower with love.

Whenever you leave,
I’m left counting seconds.
It’s like I can hear the sound of the jiffy.

You ripped my heart out.
Dipped it in your love and never gave it back.
I want it back, but with you along.
I hate it when I bring you close,
because watching you leave is like losing a part of me.
I guess I’m stuck on you.

I don’t worship you.
You don’t worship me.
But I do give praise to our love.
Oh hail what we got.

You got me stuck in dote.
This is my, I LOVE You note.
Just in case I don’t tell you enough.

This is my Good Night for Today.
My Good Morning for Tomorrow.
And My Good Day, for days to come.

One more time,
Sia - Bird Set Free
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
The boy lost in love
Confliction and confusion
Yet truce still arise
a haiku of a character i made named Denver
Isabella Terry Apr 2018
Is this blood mine or yours?
I want to go home.
I don't know you, and I don't want us to die.
We both lay here, barely alive.

You look scared, a deer glowing faintly in the headlights of a rusty green vehicle.
I can see the tempest of my own fear reflected in your chocolate eyes.
Must we be enemies, only because our homelands are?

I see you finger something under your shirt.
It's probably a snapshot- mine is.
You keep it there to remind you of your promise:
Your oath to lay eyes on them again.

I know that we fight for our countries.
For what we believe to be right.
Do you suppose...that only for tonight
--presumably the last night of our lives--
We could ignore the politics, and just fall asleep together?

In the morning, if either of us wakes up,
We can once again plummet into the ocean of duty and justice and pain.
We can drown in it then.
For now, could we take a swift breath at the top of the waves?
That would be nice.

Neither of us has said a word, but no matter.
Language barrier has not kept you from agreeing with me.
A simple series of countenances has signed our temporary truce in our place.
A mutual gaze of farewell,
As I drift...


Alienpoet Sep 2016
I buried my shadow in a concrete grave
He came back to haunt me
I could not deal with the dark of night
But all of my light hid in the gloom
so my shadow re-entered the room
All the things I buried with him began to show
The blackest of times
So with him I entered a truce
That I would acknowledge him
But I said to him I'd never let him wholly loose...
Francie Lynch Nov 2015
I have declared a detente
After negotiating a truce.
My head is a no-fly zone;
The bombadier chutes stay shut.
I sat at the table
With my privy council,
And we have signed an accord.
Peace in my time.
Peace in my mind.
Forget, to forgive;
Forgive, to forget.
It seeps unmeasurable,
Air borne as a nucleur summer.
kels Nov 2015
everything's different than how it was
can't even forge a truce
memories covered in such a fog
i try so hard it hurts
just try so hard and bury it all
but this love was always a curse
and instead of forget, into it, i fall
and end up feeling much worse
why can't you grow up
Rockie Feb 2015
Not too long ago,
Facebook and Twitter and other Social Networks
All seemed a novelty
A truce amongst unimaginative
Teens and kids and adults too

Whatever happened
To romantic paper printed notes
The blotched ink that actually meant something

Now it is loveless postings
And fake marriages
And fake relationships

This is all thanks
To the brain-cell killing
Well it's true, isn't it?

— The End —