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Daisy Feb 15
I am here now
Amidst the ashes;
Away from the world's mystification.

Do not weep for me now
Remember my sacrifices;
My love, my life for the nation.

They reckon they've won now
They laugh, they celebrate-
Sad! they do not grasp the ramification.

Mother have lost her child now
Holding a grave ache in her heart.
And me- a fallen father for my girl and son!

Will I be avenged now!
Or end up like a long lost memory
Of honor and love for my country?

Will I be avenged!
Or end up as a tool in the game of politics
Between vultures clutching on the opportunity?
Daisy Feb 6
Do not justify to them,
folks who matter not.
Ones who only chatter and flatter,
but fail to discern you.
Bulk 've seen me in tangles of sort,
Never ratted anyone-
not my time's worth.
Been in affairs where others condemned,
not knowing the story.
I was the dupe,
'cause I didn't share.
But I distanced myself,
for my own good.
What's the point of vindicating,
when you know the truth?
They may hurl abuses,
say hurtful things.
It is okay,
for they can say.
Better than spending time-
defending oneself.
Look for the ones who matter,
ones who believe in you.
I am not a fellow,
others would know inside out.
I ain't an open book
Chatty yet faintly share things,
other than the daily odds.
Sharing ain't my forte,
be it whomever.
You know me vaguely,
through things I let you 'ear.
I 've gone through worse,
you predict not.
But it is okay,
and it's fine.
I 've the one to talk to,
my solitary- as always welcoming.

— The End —