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Dharker Dec 2019
There you sit
alone again
as I make my way over

Reaching out
to a cold touch
I've only known as familiar

My normal response
as I retract is
my heart isn't made
for you lover

Yet here I sit
With you again
Like I don't know any better

Won't you some day
Want to fuel the fire
Not drown me in ice surfaced water

Or will you watch as I fade
in your dark isolated space
Only someone in love could be this crazy to stay
how can i see?
how can i let you

you told me
you hate me
and be away

but i love you
i will not as spider
who ate the gift
then her beloved
what does he get?
he became the martyr of love

the scorpion did the same
so every man must kiss his beloved
leg and hand
as she loves him, and let him love
, let him in life sustain
what a gift!

i am not selfish
i will let you at finish
but i will push
any one will hurt or tend to polish
your honor and makes it *******

i will be as the great fish
who will face every worst fish
and may **** myself and you live
long happy , you deserve
love is the spirit that deals between two hearts
Marlina Aug 2019
The most romantic moment to me was when time let our eyes met while it slowly stopped;
scully Aug 2019
I never understood when people would tell me,
“You are just like your mother.”
Always with a tone in their voice I didn’t quite comprehend.
I run back to my dad at the grocery store
After wandering through the aisles alone and he rolls his eyes.
“You are just like your mother.”
I thought he meant always getting lost and I wonder how
Many times he had to lap around the store to find her sniffing candles
With someone she hasn’t seen in five years,
Laughing like a joke shes told over and over.
See, I always thought I was like just like my dad.
We have the same eyes, and we don’t like to approach people
The way she can so easily catch an audience.
But when I make a joke a little too loud at a family reunion
My cousins laugh,
“You are just like your mother.”
I wonder what arguments she has invoked with her words.
How she has said what
No one wants to hear, but always like she picks it out
Of the middle of the air it was sitting in.
When I get upset and my ears start ringing, and I hold onto
My stubbornness like it is my last breath, my older sister tells me,
“You are just like our mother.” I figure she has better eyes to see
How shes grown,
How shes learned patience at my hands and taught to extend
Love in all directions as a choice.
Love is not always a choice, but loving yourself enough to see that you’re wasting it
Looks like my mom picking me up from my worst day and standing in
Line to buy me a milkshake as I cry in a chick-fil-a.
She told me about a story of a time she held on too tight to someone even though
She knew it was the wrong thing to do.
“I think you’re a lot like me. You always want to see the love.”
Just like my mother, I learn the hard way. And sometimes I do it more than once;
The way she will teach a nine year old how to read over and over again
Until he stops sounding it out and it rolls off of the tongue.
I know that I’m capable of sharing, of teaching, of patience,
Of honesty and love because my mother
Taught those things to me.
I think of everything I love most about myself, and all of the possibilities
For what I can become in the reflection of my mother helping me curl my hair for the prom I’m not going to.
When she needs to remind me I am quick witted, I am eloquent, I am smart, I am beautiful, I grin and say
“I am just like my mother.”
happy birthday
rgz Jul 2019
my lifestyle is dead style
out of my head style
every day's the wrong side of the bed style

I'm living so lifeless
like painted-on eyelids
my life's only priceless because there's no price list

not blind but I'm sightless
no wings so I'm flightless
no things to take sight of and fly for or ride for
or die for or try for or lie for or strive for
or cry for or smile for or open my eyes for

making steps is unwise like Gandalf's demise
wiping dust from my eyes, I set sight on the skies
still can't see so surmise it's my final sunrise
a well of wet decisions doesn't ever run dry
a wet decision
when you're drunk
or otherwise inebriated ;)
Nat Lipstadt Apr 2016
passerby words plain hidden
in a wall sconce of a
fly-bye compliment,
sent to the thankee intended,
creating an instantaneous,
Slam! Bam! Thank You Man!

yeah come , face slap me,
with open palm instant recognition,
there's a poem lurking therein, within,
that uncommonly good common observation,
like hearing a drill bit roar,
demanding with insistent persistent demandation,
"come out, come our, wherever you are"

the good lord makes 'em in
all kinds of shapes and flavors
then makes sense, most eminent,
to favor the good kind,
who go on marching in our number,,.

no claim here to good,
certainly not, sainthood,
that would be quite the hoot,
so settle, man, do settle
in and for the right kinda,
nothing could be finer,
than to be
in the company
my kin and kindred,
the kindest,

God bless all...
April 17, 2016

"I like it when the good lord makes the right kinda people..." SPT
a poem title found in a message,
which seems the source of my best
your words
your uncommonly kind words
rgz Mar 2019
blood drips
from your lips
to my fingers
my hands
stealing kisses
leave stains on your cheek
I see you, you swear
in the way your gaze lingers
as your tongue
Erato is one of the Nine Muses but I'm pretty sure I met one of her descendants
Kasti Feb 2019
if fear were [fate]

          fate (were [fear])

                     [fate is fear] when drear is near

                                                    ->tears fall when we fall

                                                      and an end would call our intentions

                                                     ­                                            [fear is] near

                                                               ­                   when fear is drear

                                                          ­                                    [I] fear my life

                                                           ­                         [I] fear myself

                                                         ­              [I] fear our lives

                                                         [I] fear ourselves

but if [far is (near when fear is) drear and] tears are all that fall

                                                       then [fear is near (you) have no] fear

                                 (you) will succumb to all.
I wrote this when I was very tired.
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