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I don't have friends
I'm not social.
But I do have him,
He's my best friend.
And he's the only one I need.
I feel whole when I'm with him,
When he's not with me...
It feels like I've been ripped in half.

A part of me is on a street corner and the other half is dropped into an upside down fishbowl.


While my troubles swim around me.
Forcing me to hold my breath and watch them.
Trying to call for help is inevitable,
No one can hear over the sound of the gurgling water.

The half on the street corner is waiting for a bus that'll never come.
While rain pours with no umbrella.

But together it's better than happiness and I don't feel so...

Laura May 25
You never said it out loud,
But you said it with your eyes.
With your **** deep inside me.
You told me you loved me,
Arms wrapped around me tight.
Lips pressed against my own.

You didn't have to say it out loud.
You promised me everything.
You promised me the world.
With your eyes
Your ****
Your arms
Your lips

They say talk is cheap,
But I guess I should have waited for you to say it out loud,
Before I started making assumptions
and ******* this up.
Laura May 23
R is for the rough times we've pulled through.
O is for the ordinary days that you make extraordinary.
S is for the sure thing we've got going.
E is for every purely golden moment that we spend together.

Without you,
My life would be through.
I don't even know what I would do,
Without you.

Without your smile,
I would never go that extra mile.
The entire world would be black and vile,
Without your smile.

Without your love,
In the sky I would never see another dove.
There probably would be no "up-above,"
Without your love.

So here's a rose for you, my love.
It means more than I can say.
So make sure it does not shrivel or wilt,
As there is but one rose in the garden.
Laura May 23
Should I really tell you?

How safe I feel in your warm embrace
How much I love to run my fingers over your ears...trace

How every time you're there, I wish you were here
How your soft, solid love takes away every little fear

How your eyes make me weak,
And even make me forget how to speak

How I love you for all one hundred flaws,
And even your big hands, full of warmth, that resemble big bear claws

There's not a thing about you I don't love
Our hearts fit together; hand in glove

Let's go home, my darling.
What is there to wait for?
I want to go home, my darling,
And never leave your sweet, should love.
Jillian Jade Apr 16
You fell in love with my body
I fell in love with you soul
Somehow when you touched me
You made me feel whole.

I'll stay with you forever
That's what you always said
But what will you do
If I leave you instead?

Will you fight
Will you fall
I guess your love with make that call.
I can never tell if your love is a bluff.
But when I leave I will be sure enough

To know if I'm yours, if you really want me.
Will you hold me
Squeeze me
Kiss me
Love me
Or will you simply let me go.

Would you beg for me to stay
Or let me wonder far away
I guess your love will make that call

One day I'll move on
Your love will be long gone
Fully living your life
With someone's hand to hold
Another soul to crush and mold
Into their broken selves

Forever and Always

-Jillian Jade
i can’t sleep because you told me you hated me in my dream last night.
i don’t want to sleep anymore
if it means a constant reminder
of what i believe to be real
and what you tell me is not.
it felt real
when i was lying there
and the words bounced off your tongue.
“i hate you"

— The End —