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I think
I think in buds
that root
and sometimes
blossom with you

but don’t get cute about it
riri May 1
beneath the pit of my soul
a flame lacerates my skin
the anger, the frustration, the confusion
of you not being here anymore
when my gut told me for sure, that you were the one
i put the fire out but the ashes still remain
Dave Robertson Jul 2020
The smell of you,
an impossibly intense run of ones and zeroes
converted to map your DNA
G A T T A C G A...
like everyone and no one

Forbidden skin folds, slickly hidden,
I carried with me
with some half lies that helped
keep everything off radar
‘til ready

Cottoning on to the lost in me
with fingers and caresses,
blessing a gleeful wink of grins
to an adulthood
that refused to begin,
and refuses still
Laura Sep 2019
I want you to
Touch my body
Grab my thighs
With enough force
To take my breath away

Just barely feel
The leather paddle
On my skin
Before you bruise my body
Sending me into submission

Whisper ***** words
Across my chest
Each time you go
From ****** to ******

Shock me with electric stimulation
Feel the sparks fly
Between us
Between my legs

Vibrate my ****
While you find the good spot
The great spot
The most glorious spot there is
And watch me writhe and moan
While you do it

Bite my neck
My *******
My waist
Letting me know that I'm yours
When you leave a mark

Take over my body
And tie me up
Cover my eyes
Lick my body
Until you feel
A river release from me
Until you hear
An elongated opera from me
Until you see
A woman whipped for you
Laura Sep 2019
I want You here
with Me
all the time
I want You
to think about Me
when You are away
to dream about Me
when We're tangled up
in the same bed
I want You
to want My body
to crave a kiss
from only My lips
I don't want You
wanting other girls
just being with Me
while You wait
for the next best thing

I want to live with You
take showers with You
wash Your ***** laundry
and cook Your favorite meals
I want to spend as much time
as I possibly can
glued to Your side
kissing Your cheeks
holding Your hands
whispering sweet nothings
while We intertwine ourselves all night
under the glow of the lamp light
staying up way too late
and sleeping in until the dog wakes Us up

I'm just
too scared
to tell You
all these things
in case
You don't
want Me
the way
I want
Matthew Sanchez Sep 2019
1, Your'e the essence of pure beauty that resides within my mind
2, You're lips are like the finest taste of an elegant glass of wine
3, You're the part of me that I always searched for and could never seem to seek
4, There's nothing more that I could ever adore than our dear family of three
5, This life we share with love and care that makes me feel so alive
6, That sweet kiss that I always miss even when your'e by my side
7, The age between us fades, cause our love sure has no limit
8, The days that come and fade while our love still blooms so endless
9, Our life, which has no price, cause the greatest value in the world is you
10, My best friend, my forgiveness of sins, who helped me see the world in a clearer view
11, My world, and the mother to our sweet girl whose heart is crafted by our loving souls
12, The years that come and go, falling deeper in love as we grow old
13, the reason why I still choose to believe in the wonders of the world untold

I Love You.
To my significant other who loved me when i couldn't love myself. She's supported me through my addiction and recovery from drugs, and now our relationship grows stronger more and more with each new day.
I don't have friends
I'm not social.
But I do have him,
He's my best friend.
And he's the only one I need.
I feel whole when I'm with him,
When he's not with me...
It feels like I've been ripped in half.

A part of me is on a street corner and the other half is dropped into an upside down fishbowl.


While my troubles swim around me.
Forcing me to hold my breath and watch them.
Trying to call for help is inevitable,
No one can hear over the sound of the gurgling water.

The half on the street corner is waiting for a bus that'll never come.
While rain pours with no umbrella.

But together it's better than happiness and I don't feel so...

Laura May 2018
You never said it out loud,
But you said it with your eyes.
With your **** deep inside me.
You told me you loved me,
Arms wrapped around me tight.
Lips pressed against my own.

You didn't have to say it out loud.
You promised me everything.
You promised me the world.
With your eyes
Your ****
Your arms
Your lips

They say talk is cheap,
But I guess I should have waited for you to say it out loud,
Before I started making assumptions
and ******* this up.
Laura May 2018
R is for the rough times we've pulled through.
O is for the ordinary days that you make extraordinary.
S is for the sure thing we've got going.
E is for every purely golden moment that we spend together.

Without you,
My life would be through.
I don't even know what I would do,
Without you.

Without your smile,
I would never go that extra mile.
The entire world would be black and vile,
Without your smile.

Without your love,
In the sky I would never see another dove.
There probably would be no "up-above,"
Without your love.

So here's a rose for you, my love.
It means more than I can say.
So make sure it does not shrivel or wilt,
As there is but one rose in the garden.
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