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cass Jan 19
I was on this ride
this beautiful, exciting ride
it was colorful, wild, and crazy
But I didn’t know it

I didn’t know I was on this ride
and neither did my friends nor family
Think of this ride, as the ride at the back of an amusement park
So far that you can’t even see it when it’s lit

I entered this ride when I was eleven years old
and no one rode with me, my blood ran cold
My palms were all sweaty and shaky, as we neared the first drop
Then, after staring for countless of hours at the edge, I dropped

As the ride looped around countless of times, I got less lonely
My friends climbed on and sat beside me
I wasn’t as scared anymore
I even let out a roar

Some people didn’t approve of me riding the colorful, exciting, wondrous ride
But I have to show my pride
They tried telling me to get off
But that didn’t work, and I looked at them and scoffed

The colorful, exciting, wondrous ride, is something I won’t ever tire of
It has received all my heartfelt love
And even though some people will disprove
I’ll just get out of their way and move

Because I am proud of who I am
And I’m gonna scream it out loud
Because I am Me
and that surely fills me with the purest form of glee

So here I am, thirteen years old
still on the ride,
filled with even more pride
And I don’t think I’m getting off anytime soon

Oh, the name of the ride?
It’s called the rainbow ride
I wrote this for our English class which required us to perform a poem we made in front of class
cass Jan 19
love is dangerous
it is painful, cruel
but that’s because love is strong
it is powerful, robust

love can make you cry
make you feel the the most pain you’ve ever felt
but love can make you happy
make you smile as big as the universe

but is that enough to make you hold onto love?

or is the pain just too much to bear?
cass Jun 2018
i want to be invisible
not dead,
just invisible
just to see if anyone will miss me
to see if anyone will care
to see if anyone will look for me
to my friends, if you see this please don't be offended but im so so so so sorry if you are

it's not your fault, it's mine dw :)
cass Jun 2018
"please don't,"
i plead as i send the text message,
my hand was shaking,
my mind filled with worries

my vision was filled with clouds;
all of them had rain that were ready to fall
i choked a sob as you texted me what you did
"what kind of friend am i?"

how could something so innocent,
be so deadly?
a piece of metal, made for cutting paper,
has somehow made itself for cutting your skin

the once silver of the sharp edge,
has now been stained by red.
the red of your blood,
that i desperately told you not to spill

"please don't,"
"i'm sorry, but you can't stop me,"
"i can at least try,"
i tried, but i failed

now you live with scars,
that fill your left arm
scars i try to prevent
but i failed to do so
If ever you need to talk to anyone, I'm right here

(Based on my own experience)
cass May 2018
we met and exchanged hellos,
this was in school,
where we were both awkward,
and both kept secrets from each other

we know each other better now,
but there were still secrets between us,
truth or dare was our solution,
"who made you realise you liked girls?"

i never thought of it,
so i brushed it off
said it was a conversation,
for another day

it's been six months,
i've come to terms with who i am,
you guys know that,
"who made you realise you liked girls?"

the answer is you.
it's always been you.
This isn't very poem-like, but I wanted to share it

(Based on my real life experience)
cass Apr 2018
paint me the colors of the rainbow
cover all my dullness,
all my grayness

make me a mask of colors
make it happy
no sight of sadness should be there

make my clothes gleam and glow
to shine away all my flaws
as it is expected that my body will be perfect

make my shoes shine bright red
like those of dorothy's
to hide the red blisters they are causing

paint me the colors of the rainbow,
make me shine bright
to mask all the pain
Make me colorful again
cass Apr 2018
it hurts
everything hurts
my head,
my heart

my eyes are blood shot,
every night was spent
crying over you,
yet you didn't notice

how could you do that?
leave me like a pile of dirt,
not notice me trying so hard
to get your **** attention

maybe i should just
give up,
find someone new,
someone better

but how can i?
when i'm around you,
my heart beats faster
and butterflies appear
Unrequited love
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