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Ashley Rowan Aug 2021
you and I would hover over the earth
to get the best view
slowly drifting over in a sailboat
without the warmth of the sun
made ourselves a garden on the moon
throwing rocks like meteors
catching them like shooting stars

though I couldn’t  get used to this place

a place with no summers
Ashley Rowan Apr 2021
may you always have the ability
to reflect on yourself
and being aware
of your own being
to shed all your layers
and transform
because most people these days
are caught up
in their own toxicity
and their inability
to change

may you never be delusional

may you never waver
just a note
Ashley Rowan Apr 2021
i just needed a lighthouse
something to keep my eye on
but all i got was darkness
maybe something to guide me
out on the north sea
with all my secrets
held underwater
and maybe a moon
to watch over me
Ashley Rowan Oct 2020
i’m jealous of my shadow
for she's the only one
who gets to touch yours
until the light dims
Ashley Rowan Oct 2020
i stare at the sun in soltitude
and i let it consume me
while my feet are burning on the sand
and my skin is sunburned
a tear escaped my eye
when i implored for a change
i can merely hope
things don’t go the way i planned
for there’s yet so much to see
and our time is brief

so i’ll just keep walking
and with every step
dust kicks up in the air
one day i hope to escape
this lunar landscape
Ashley Rowan Oct 2020
sometimes i remember
that i’m in my twenties
and it feels like i’m almost
running out of time
even when people
tell me there’s plenty
and it’s tiring
being in a world
that only goes in fast forward

so most of the time
i’m lying down here
wishing I was a weeping willow
hanging over a swan pond
and be at peace
Ashley Rowan Oct 2020
i'm not afraid
of becoming older
i don't care
about my hair greying
or my skin getting looser

i'm afraid of sitting
at the kitchen table
staring at the same backyard
the same trees
the same flowers
every single day
while thinking

i wish i had done it
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