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M Sep 2019
the darkness makes it more sentimental
the warm light of a lamppost
It is a mystery
how it provides me feelings
as the lamppost shimmer through,
I’m here
looking at love
a tragic magical tale
people adore it
people despise it
I am dissolving through it
Arthur Habsburg Apr 2019
I am a shadow of my former self
or my future self
when I stand in a place
or when I run
I never know which way I'm facing,
I never know which shadow I am.

I move only when my shadow moves,
which ever one it may be,
Yet my wish is to remain still
and watch,
maybe the shadow dares to move
on its own accord,
But when I look down
my shoes
blend with the impenetrable darkness,
and when I look up
I am blinded
by the light that I cannot see,
I do not know which shadow is longer
and which is denser,
but I do know that the best part of me
somewhere between them,
in plain view
like a lamppost.
Jolan Lade May 2018
One night walking on the sidewalk
Head directed towards the phone, not the mood for talk
Bumped into a lamppost
Noticed it shined more light on my path than most
Said hello and moved on, at the moment I didn’t realize
The light could repel evil lies and equalise, keep me alive and provide key allies
Should have stayed in the light
Then battling the dark would have been a, somewhat fair fight.
Just the surrounding darkness and a few lampposts, leading my way
Kaleigh Feb 2018
Eyes searching for a home, it can call its own.

Bitten lips, and hopeless dreams.

The wind loves to call his name, reminding him each day is the same.

Broken skin, cries and wails.

A nearby tree house sways in the breeze.

Blood staining the walls.

Lonely ghost, lingering around a lonely lamppost.

The host with a crooked smile, stays for awhile.

Dragging you along on a leash.

You've never been strong, tape wrapped around your mouth.

A child who died too young.

With a slip of the tongue, you swung, the faces strung out in front.

Lights flash, that breath would be your last.

Now your lost, and you can't cross.

Lungs in your throat, you wrote your final note.

Lonely ghost, lingering around a lonely lamppost.

The host with a crooked smile, stays for awhile.

Dragging you along on a leash.

I'm sorry to say, but you'll never be at peace.

You're my responsibility, forever a piece of me.
loggi Jan 2018
My mother likes to hang bells
On the front door,
And I always wondered
What they were for.

They would jingle
Whenever someone
made entry,
and glitter
With the light
from the lamppost
On the street.

But they became dull
Hanging all day,
And the giggling clatter
Mulled and dulled
to a brassy bray.

Mom has a small wedding bell
Of a silver boy
Holding flowers
With a smiling grin.
He’s asking her to ring him
And bring back memories.

But father’s guitar glistens
Whilst the sun lays low.
With one pluck
The vibration hums
Smooth and mellow.

But can you hear it
Sitting on the steps?
This house is so large
But there still lays unrest.

And through The corridor
Clacks the patter
Of greyed canine feet.
But some of us
Lay silent
And reap the past
From the sounds
That do dare speak.

the living room clock
Drones with That of a distant chime,
Because the living arrangements
Have changed overtime.
Idiosyncrasy Sep 2015
Loving you is like
Seeing the first lamppost light up
Then watching all the others
Shine one by one.
I am surrounded by suns and stars
A measly old lamppost that can barely stay lit
In the shadows of their bright lights
I'm barely visible
Who wants to watch a flickering lamp
When there are beautiful suns and stars all around
My heart is breaking
But they don't mean anything
It's just what happens when your a broken lamppost
Surrounded by suns and stars
No one can help me
I can't find any beauty
All I can see are suns and stars
And I feel all alone
A broken lamppost
Old and forgotten
All but abandoned
I just want to feel loved
I want someone to show this broken light
That I can be star
Or maybe even
In my dreams
I can be the moon or sun
In someone's eyes
But  tonight I'm a broken lamppost
And they are more beautiful lights to watch
My friends and loved ones all shine so bright. I won't ever measure up.
Shivam Jun 2014
The sky start shading,
flashlight flicking it all the way,
vehicles honking all away.
I stand day,
among desolated trees.

Bulbs start glowing
Birds cease chirping
Wind still whistling
I stand still,
among desolated trees

Moths start flying in hoping
I too love them tonight.
They crave for light
that killed all last night.
I stand lone,
among desolated trees

My light starts fading as
the dawn starts gazing.

So now I stand on paved
ground turned off,
hoping you do heart me
Is all that I pray.
It's about the lamppost in busy market along which couples takes photos. Where a man stand in hat and face covered and gives us the solemn look of lamppost.    

Your valuable suggestion are welcome.

— The End —