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  Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
Mike Essig
She was the
heavenly centerfold
in the magazine
of his imagination.
Taunting angel ****.
Too unreal to touch,
too real not to try.

  Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
You deserve your eyes less red,
a young gentleman to wed.
I cannot give solutions, at least
not intended ones.

I want your eyes to dry, lie
with you as we sleep, as we seep

You trust my every word, involuntarily,
even though you have more to say.

As we stare once more, at last, for one last time,
we know,
when grateful, our eyes are most sublime.
We end here
while all else continues.
  Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
Ysa Pa
A rose in the snow
A diamond in a plow
A single cloud on a hot day
A lone bud amongst the flowers of May
A sole tree on a cliff
Amidst lines, there is a hieroglyph
A white lily in a field of red tulips
A solar eclipse
A volcano in the ocean
A center of planetary revolution
An aurora atop icy regions
A rainbow above desert nations
A sunset in the sea
A sunrise in the city
A moon in the afternoon sky
A mother's unique lullaby
A bright evening star in a cloudy night
Within darkness, a presence of a candlelight
Still, nothing can compare
To you, none would resemble, none can dare
You are beyond comparison
And I can only provide one reason
I don't shiver or stutter when you're present
Around you, it just feels pleasant
I've never met anyone like you
Nor heard anyone say my name like you do
When the sound of my name slides from those lips
I feel safe
You make me feel safe to be me
You make me feel safe
  Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
The Ripper
You embrace me like a loving mother
& complete my anticipation,
holding my hand all the while,
gazing into my eyes.
You lull me into rest, oh Death,
lover of flesh.
  Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
The Ripper
No* *extra salt on these taste buds
  Garlic; a thing of the past
     Cinnamon; might as well be Garlic
        never, a bath in the sun switches it on
          However: it seems I'm not allergic
             to  the taste of your beautiful ruin,
               it's magic, the dark
                  *all consuming
  Mar 2016 Sierra Brown
The Ripper
Pardon me if I stare too long
but your dentition
                              turns my thoughts
to dark craft
                       in my nooks and crannies
What did I just drop you ask?

Oh nothing
                       those are just my pliers
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