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Tara Jun 2018
Wolves gnawing at my stomach
With every move and twist of my body
Burning me inside

I want to eat
I need to eat
But I can’t
When I do
Just a bite

One swallow
I feel full
It’s an empty full
Then I puke
It all comes out

Gross acidic taste
The wolves keep eating me from the inside out
Lightheaded and dizzy
Am I okay?
I’m lost in the stomach
Anorexia. Oof. My demon. I haven’t been affected that much but a few months ago it was pretty bad. My mom and friends parents always said Sweetheart your so thin. That made me really sad because I was still called fat face because of my faces bone structure of being round... no matter how skinny I was my face stayed the same.
Katelyn Billat Sep 2017
For when he appears,
My lungs fill with flowers 
And for a moment I 
Forget to breathe.

The slumberling caterpillar 
In my stomach
Performs metamorphosis
And flutters around
Trying to break free.

The rivers named veins
Fill and rush to my chest,
To my head and
I forget to think.

For when he smiles,
His eyes come alive,
And I wonder
Does he thinks of me this way.
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
For the one
Who makes me melt,
Makes me feel warm,
And always makes me smile…

I kiss you with moist lips
They stick to yours
Like poetry on a melody, perfect fit
My heart opens up like unlocked doors

My thoughts float about
Worries all out of reach
No space for fears and doubt
As our spirits surrender to a kiss each

My shoulders feel sedated
My arms feel light
My winged feet have me levitated
As we share this one kiss tonight

Me holding you, you holding me
A grip so assuring you’ll never let go
Not a tornado or storm at sea
Could stand in the way of our love flow
Sarah Kersey Sep 2015
I think if you were cremated right here and now, your ashes would burst into flames
You are like wildfire
Unstoppable and hypnotic
My lungs pour out smoke as your eyes light up when the sun goes down
Your temper is like a flare gun against the red of the sky
Fading faster than I am
I make you sound like a crime scene
but you are so much more
You are interlaced fingers as the lights chase us out of town
When I look at you, I see the hue of police sirens
The burning fire of the strands that erupt out of your skull contrast with the pharmaceutical waves of your eyes
The essence of you narcotizes my system
A piece I wrote for a friend's video project that I'm actually quite fond of.

— The End —