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Unknown Jun 10
all my life I have had my kindness been taken advantaged of,
through friends,
and strangers.

for the longest time I saw this as a sign of weakness,
that people would forever walk over me because of my kindness,

but it is not a sign of weakness,
it is a sign of loyalty,
and so much more.

kindness is not a weakness,
only those who use you for your kindness are simply too weak to find solace within their own hearts.
to those whose kindness is always taken advantage of, you are not weak - you are very much appreciated.
It's cruel to be kind if kind is cruel it gives you the mind to see it all.
Jace Joseph Jun 3
We're all humans so
why is there a problem?

Our minds our different,
but we're the same species.

No one is better than anyone,
we're all just stuck on this rock,

So why don't we just get along,
Instead of slaying our own kind.
Aren't we all homosapiens?
FS-30 Jun 3
We must speak out now,
And pull the rug from where it was swept.
It’s our duty to take action
For the behaviour you ignore,
Is the behaviour you accept.
Raven Mc Chim May 30
A wonderful world
With all good and bad
There is a place in the corner of the world
Where the flowers blossom every second
Water falls from the sky
Which is always sparkly even you die
There lives an animal kingdom
Where everyone has wisdom
Their king was a wise lion
Humans don't exist there
But tourists does
That is a land of wishes
Where every wish of yours is fulfilled
This is the place where you find everything you deserve
For all this you have to lose what you love the most
just fantasy came that came up in my mind
Troy May 29
Walk along this narrow path
And you might come to a surprise
For if you're lucky enough
You might find the meadows song

A meadow so peaceful
It's sure to be divine
Radiant beauty
None can deny

Across the wandering meadow
Sings a blue bird in joy
His life is filled with blissfulness
As he flies across the bright blue sky

Down on the ground
The rabbit plays
Seeking treats
That's buried below

The fox does hunt
But does not harm
For he is friends
With the meadows life

The trees sway softly
In the summer breeze
Dancing to this meadow's song
Giving shelter to the wild life

Grass grows high
The flowers wide
Full of colour
Like an artist's eye

Peace does bloom
In this meadow of dreams
Listen closely and you might hear
The meadows silent song
Tom Salter May 23
It was never in Mother’s intention,
to spoil us with her unaminous affection,
and just like the selfish, brattish child
we demanded for more attention,

and so, we screamed and went to war
and tore this family asunder,
sewing deep the misconception
that Mother was the real offender,

she watched in awe and horror
as we spat on her names’ honour,
committing guiltless acts of treason
against her, more natural, children -

Mother was not impressed, but
she knew we would never confess
as each and every one of us, truly believes  
“the world was built just for me”.
James Rives May 19
i bare myself in word-song to share
in rhythm and sound,
to release this pressure in crisp,
light notes-- palatable.
to share sordid beauty
that i've yet to understand,
to let you know you're not alone.
to dig to the core of something likely awful,
nasty, and stupid, and reason with it to
kindness and love.
i bare myself to understand
and be understood.
FS-30 May 17
Take that risk.
I promise you this,
You will finally live,
And no longer exist.
FS-30 May 15
You looked at me
And wanted to see her,
But I wasn’t her
And that was my beauty.
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