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the partition was posted
almost two years ago
and it stated that a super pair
of creators had to go

lots of folks signed it
lending their ample backing
for he who wanted
the upper echelon's racking

those who aided him have
all been well forgot
yet at the time they were
so expedient to his plot

once he'd achieved
the cardinal's goal
no longer was there a purpose
for a little fish shoal

taking advantage of others
is his kind of game
using they who are wet behind
the ears tame

everyone of them summoned
to do his bidding
and in this salient narration
there's no kidding
aniket nikhade Apr 2016
Decide something
Decide for once
Once decided, then don't look back
Go for it.

No point in it
There is no point in discussing over something, which has been decided prior.
Agreed that it won't be possible to give your best initially in the first instance itself, however, something is always better than nothing.

What's the harm, if better is achieved initially in the first instance itself
At least you will know and understand where you stand
So forget the rest and go for what has been decided prior.

Give your best,
think of the best,
definitely you will achieve better,
if not the best.

So before getting anything done, it's always better to decide first.

Decide something
Decide for once
Once decided, then don't look back
Go for it.
Mr Zeal Mar 2016
Have you ever seen the fall before somebody fell
Or knew the answer before somebody told the Question?
My heart is hurting before they know the pain,
And what you do you smile because there smiling and swallow the truth...
Above all you love them not because you know what's coming soon but after to be there when they say "I never needed you"!

Trying to hide the things in my mind
So quiet but I'm screaming inside.
We love our friends so much to the fact we don't want them hurt....I'm sorry if ou listening.
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
The world is a fast changing place
Everything changes and keeps on changing till the end is reached upon when something is achieved.
Seldom when the end is reached upon there still remains more to be achieved.

Along with time comes experience and maturity.
Often it happens that when something is achieved, yet a larger part of the picture still remains to be completed.
At this juncture starts the beginning of something new,
definitely keeping in mind the prior experience.

Changes taking place in the outside world are part of everyone’s life.
It’s destiny, something written in destiny, part of destiny.
It’s fate.

Once everything is discussed, decided, reviewed, revised and a conclusion is reached upon, time now to take the necessary line of action.

Think about it and think again
Everything going on in the mind has got some reasoning and accordingly respond towards change.
Think about it and think again.

Review the past, revise, rewind and recognize the past.
Always keep in mind, never remain forever in the past.

It’s obvious to think about present in the present moment of time when something is going on in the mind with regards to the future.
It’s serves like an alarm, a wakeup call
Certainly there will always be something to look out for with regards to the future.
Always it’s important to keep in mind the right moment in time so as to ascertain the future.

Hope and anxiety go hand in hand
When there is a hope for something positive to happen in life, then at that moment in time the mind becomes anxious.

As of now what else needs to be done in the present with regards to the future, definitely there will be something else to look out for with regards to the future.

Nothing changes on it’s own, absolutely nothing
When a change happens it comes along with time
Efforts have always been made in the past when a change takes place in the present.

Different is the present, different from past.
Different will be the future, different from the past and present.

When changes are taking place in the present always keep in mind a desired line of action needs to be ascertained and then taken.

The right step when taken at the right moment in time makes all the difference in the present and also along in the future.

So even if one step is taken at a time always make sure it is taken with a positive frame of time
Irrespective of the changes taking place, an efforts always need to be made to achieve the aim, which has been ascertained by the mind prior.

Positivity attracts positivity and then the desired change happens
So always accept a change with a positive mindset, then move ahead towards what has been ascertained by the mind prior.
For a desired change to happen positivity must attract posivitiy from past, prior and also in the present.

"If I'm not in a positive frame of mind then the whole thing definitely becomes more of a challenge for me." - Andrea Bocelli
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Decide about the present in the present moment of time
Decide all that is present in the present moment of time.

Experience proves to be an asset when expectations are raised
Now is the moment in time when something substantial needs to be achieved within a stipulated period of time.
Substantial efforts need to be made when expectations from prior need to be surpassed
Hence priority comes first, better to do one thing at a time.

Decide doing one thing at a time
Be firm in your mind about the same, then proceed towards doing the same.

All the time there is some sort of a thing that always goes on in the mind
Ascertaining the future in the present
Think of the past in the present
The mind does everything, everything related to past, present and also with regards to the future.

It’s important to decide upon something definite before taking the first step towards doing the same.
Better decide first and be sure about the same
No point in deciding later with regards to what you want to do, since time has always remained important.
When you decide upon doing something in advance, it’s planning.
When you decide upon doing something at the spur of moment, then it’s because of an experience that you have on your side.
In any case it’s always better to decide first and then proceed towards doing what has been decided.

Crucial moments are part of everyone’s life,
if not a part of everyday life,
however, in the end these crucial moments enrich the experience of an individual.

So it’s always better to be a part of the game,
always participate,
learn from your own mistakes rather than doing the same routine thing daily,
the same mundane thing over and over again.

Better decide first,
be firm on the same and then proceed towards doing the same.
Definitely a moment in time will come when you will know exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve your aim.
Thomas EG Oct 2015
I am two years clean today
Two years sober, if you may
I don't understand how I got to this point
I don't want to quit, nor disappoint

I once dreamt of getting to seven
Or else failing and going to Heaven
Instead, I got to 3-6-5
Twice and I am still alive

Alas, I do admit that I miss it
And I do still wish to inflict it
Upon myself, upon my body
Yet I have no new scars upon me

I have achieved something great
It is something to celebrate
And I have been torn many times
But never in vertical lines
It's not my best, but I wanted to write something to mark this accomplishment.

— The End —