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I wish the wind is my wing
To carry me to your doorsteps
I wish the ocean floats me ashore
To your longing heart of my dreams

You wish to step on my door
with nothing but love filled heart...
Longing and love is all you have
but not a brave heart..
Oceans may drift you back...
Wind may bring you down...
But make me your Queen, and bring me a crown...

If crown is what you seek
More than my humble/loving heart
I won’t hold it against you
Since you told me from the start
So I will put you on a pedestal
And crown you as my only Queen
You will be the one on the throne
Who resides above else all woman

I will gladden; I will queem...
You will be a king when I will be the queen...
You will take decisions that I will follow...
Me and your vermeil cheek, and life will be mellow.. .
Together, we will rule throughout the world..
I got you and you will get my back...
We will change this place into dream land...

I can’t wait to throb you away
And make you my Queen wife
And call you my better half;
And live together, forever a beautiful life

Collaboration with Jobira and Pages
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