Jobira 9h

Tease me with your naked
body. I will paint the Pleasant
View of the masterpiece.

Jobira 1d

We search for dreams
In the skies, as we let the
Ones we’re holding slip away.

Jobira 1d

I told my four year old son that
There are others like him
With the same name as we
Were taking a walk around our neighborhood.

He looked into my eyes
sounding puzzled and replied,
“No daddy, there is only me.”
I asked him,”so, who are those other people then?”
He said, “They are copies of me.”
I kept the curious conversation hot.
I asked him, “ How many copies did you make?”
He stared in my eyes, showing me his ten little fingers and said,
“I made 100 of them.”
“100 copies of you?” I said.
He smiled and said,” Yes, daddy 100 copies of me.”

This really happened about couple days ago, and I couldn't believe the imagination he has.
Jobira 1d

Why cry for the dead
And shed any tears
Or are we moaning for our own sins
For the coming nights in fears?

Sooner or later
Darkness will fall
The waves of the nights
To submerge us all.

But, you better save your tears
And hold on to your breath
Nothing can rescue you from the fires
When you are caught underneath.

Tears don't bring back the dead.
Jobira 1d

To my heart that sings
The lullaby songs of tears
In my late years, for my own offsprings
Are there hidden, my childhood fears.

For many years, I didn't see my parents’ faces
To endure the soothing warmth of embraces
Like the brightly rays in my children’s eyes-
Except the hopes I constructed of illusions
That I came to accept the default choices,
Which is I wasn't lucky to be loved by them
As their son.

But now I am a MAN, with my own children
and standing in their places
Trying to fit into their shoes
And replace their traces-
Yet I am trying not to make their mistakes;
And also travel not on the same roads they had-

So for my own cancellation of the feelings I disclose,  
I hope that the fears I feel shall fade in time,
with the songs I compose;
As well as my heart finally conciliates
with the pains I expose;

For even though our legacy is hard to trace,
It shall start here with my embrace;
For my heart's resilience, if only I espouse
To love not less like them,
without an excuse.

In your life and part, all you can do is forgive and love, without exceptions and expectations.
Jobira 2d

People used to keep their words
Even till death. But,
Today, honor has no values
For the truth hides behind shadows;
Yet, it is the perfect first
punching lies, told
That could swing and put,
One’s heart and mind to a ground,
And go home a winner with a gold.
Liars are the current valors.

There's no honor in lies.
Jobira 2d

I thought you love me
I , I alone
But with just one refresh
You have come and gone.
When I wait for you to come back
I see you with someone else
Flirting in the dark, or
Chasing dreams in the skies. I thought
I am your only one, but you're very cleaver
In disguising to be with more than one lover.

Sometimes you come and remind me
Of our history on Notifications
Because our history Trends
like Romeo and Juliet,
When your other lovers overwhelm you
With Like, Love, Sunshine, share you with others on media
Even take you home to their Favorite Collections
Or even confess their love to you
and put you on public display with their Repost,
Then you come running back to me
To disappear in a second.

I think you're just sad little page
Who's tired of being a therapist and a lover
to all these people who also come and go,
Yet love knows no color or place
In a second, you forget all pains and
you fall in love with strangers’ face,
Who come storming at your doorstep and begin
Telling you their happiness or
Saddest stories. The more you listen
The sudden you fall in love with them.

But I can't be in pain and wait for
Your love to come again and go
Because I thought you love me and
You listen to me, only me
I, I alone, but
A second I posted this poem
I know for sure, you're already gone.

I just wrote this, and just wanted to share.
Still in works
Jobira 4d

I was once fond of you
I fell in love the first time
I touched your face. You were
The only air I could breathe
The only screen I could see
But you began to freeze,
Deleted my files and
And would be blue sometimes.
I troubleshooted with Ctrl+Alt+Delete
And rebooted my systems.
Systems get restored awhile
Soon afterwards went back to
The same problems.
So I saved you in the thin clouds
All I could retrieve from
The corrupted files which
Some were hidden somewhere
On those wired server discs.
I saved you so
I could delete you one day
When I no longer fond of you
Until you will permanently become
The lost memories in the recycling bin
Deleted. Permanently.

Over time, memories are just deleted files.
Jobira 5d

When you fancy to
Savor a ripping apple
From Eden Garden,
Be chary for hidden thorns;
The bite could be your last joy.

Temptation is a killing machine.
Jobira 5d

4:52 PM EST, I am heading home.
I-95 South, past Exit 30th
The foggy pitch black sky opened
And began pouring down thunder rain.
In seconds, the highway was swollen under water.
Then drivers shifted their cars to emergency mode
And were cruising their shacking cars slowly and
aerodynamically through the flood
like a trained sailor on the deep blue sea
Fighting with the violet wind and waves.
Everything was pitch black, except for the dim
Ticking and blinking Hazard lights.
It's 5:54 PM.
It stopped raining.
The sky became crystal clear.
Just like that, with a blink of an eye,
In just two minutes,
Everything changed back to normal again.

It was mad crazy on highway, driving under heavy rain like today.
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