Jobira 2h

I felt your love before
I even kissed your soft lips
You kissed me one time
then you left me in suspense
I'm hungry for your body

Jobira 2h

Each morning at dawn
Reflection of sunlight ray
Wakes me up early

Jobira 2h

The clock on the wall
is broken beyond repair
like when I miss you

Jobira 6h

Slaves we are not
Yet, when the calling
has come through,
we all must answer to
Master Time
Early or late.

Jobira 16h

In the compounds of my thoughts,
Your love emits lights
To compass me home safety.

Jobira 16h

god made everything beautiful,
even mankinds.
mankinds painted ugliness over god's beauty and
framed the distorting and grotesques
paintings on their walls,
leaving the eyes in peril display
for the creations of such a beautiful mind.

Jobira 1d

A foggy day passed
Without any spark of light
Left sun and me sad

The last line is update based based on a kindly feedback and corrections I have received from Paul Hansford.

It used to be like this
Left, sun and I sad
Jobira 3d

Moon is flirting with sky, and
When the night gets darker
Their love affair is caught on fire.

I updated this from Haiku to just a 3 line poem based on a fellow poet's advise (Paul Hansford) very articulated and reasonable criticism and feedbacks about the Haiku rules.

I believe that growth comes from having the courage to listen to other people's criticism to change for a better

His suggestion was that this is not a real Haiku form of writing

Moon is flirting with
the sky. The night gets darker,
Their love is on fire.
Jobira 3d

feel the waves of silence
your creation destroying my life
now only ruins left over

Jobira and @journeyofdays

...and we are back!
a collaboration on “silence” in 15 words, #1 - #6
odds posted by @journeyofdays
evens posted by Jobira
Jobira 3d

walk the desert
breathe silence
allow the soul to heal
find north once more

Jobira and @journeyofdays

...and we are back!
a collaboration on “silence” in 15 words, #1 - #6
odds posted by @journeyofdays
evens posted by Jobira
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