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bc Jun 2018
the things that happen
when I hear your name
am I awake?
I had a dream, and things to say...
between then and the keyboard,
where did it go?
bc Jun 2018
How to ensure that you’ll never sleep again:
Halfway wake to a tickle
Decide you’re dreaming, and ignore it
Almost asleep again...
Feel another tickle
Grab for back of neck
Feel a definite something
bc Mar 2018
i'm sorry that you don't understand...
really no...!
so no, **** that
I just sat here, and listened to an ******* say inappropriate things to me
you did nothing.
you said nothing.
doesn't matter if you "didn't think it was so bad" or if you "didn't hear it" I responded.  told him it was inappropriate
do you honestly think I'm making this up? YOU heard it happen.
*******. and him.
#I #fuckyou #metoo #poemsaboutdicks
bc Feb 2018
your words get lost in the
tangled web of my hair
sticky wet from tears and sea
bc Feb 2018
we thought you had it -
that you'd pulled us out of the fish tail

i was hanging from the seatbelt -
afraid to look over
glass everywhere
strange words in foreign tongue
Nic ci nie jest?
your eyes flutter

we made it out alive,
but something died anyway
bc Feb 2018
i walked across Spain


and i thought that would do it.

apparently, it wasn't far enough...
bc Nov 2017
there's a *** of water on the radiator
steaming up the windows
in my tiny bedroom -
the one in brooklyn -
where i was too poor to live in a place with a bedroom door

he's here, and he says he doesn't mind the curtain

there's anonymity in city life,
an ease to being completely alone
while surrounded by people

with the chill from outside
and the thought -
just the thought -
of his hands on my skin
his skin on my skin

simon and garfunkle on his old record player
sounds of new york
two people,
one bottle of whiskey
how strange to be with someone,
who can make you feel so alone

touch me, please
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