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stillhuman May 31
Stranger in the night
come on, i will bite
now, what is on your mind
as our destinies intertwined
caused us both
to need someone to confide
the worst thought on our minds

At almost 2 a.m time
we both need to remind
ourselves of the imperfection
of humankind
and I really wouldn't mind
a hand to be kind
and a shared glass of wine
to blurt out
all those slimy thoughts
that won't leave

And for less than that
I would listen and chat
acceting your words spat
out to relieve the constant combat
going on in your head

So, drink up with
you stranger in the night
and if the wine doesn't help
I think talking just might
I feel some sort of companionship when I find someone awake at 2 am
Zack Ripley Apr 20
I want you to know something.
It's okay to ask for help.
It's not embarrassing; it's brave
To admit you don't know something
And want to change.
I ask that you don't worry
That people will think less of you
If you do. You're trying to learn.
And that's something you should
Never apologize for
Zack Ripley Jun 2019
I want to tell you that it's going to be alright.
I want to tell you whatever I have to to get you through the night.
I want to tell you how proud I am that you asked for help as i hold you tight.
No matter how much you scream and cry and shake, I won't give up the fight.
I want to tell you that it's not your fault.
And as we sit by the fire, watching it fill the room with warmth and light, I want to tell you that it's going to be alright
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
I've contemplated it, wrote it, pondered it
Cried out for it, and attempted it you see

I keep all my ropes now in the garage
There they are of greater use to me

I moved the radio from the bathroom
I now prefer classic melodies

I put my razors behind the mirror
I'm gonna let my hair get shaggy

And all my pills went down the toilet
And there they can't bother me

I used to lock away these horrid thoughts
But to heal I must set them free

I won't lie and say the thought doesn't still come
Like a quiet thief in the night with a loaded gun
There will always be this darkest part of me
But now I try to share my thoughts in forms of poetry

And I hope there is no end to the line for us
Not much I wanna say about this.  I figure you guys get the point.
SL Apr 2019
Why did you do this
Why didn't you ring me
Why was I not there
You know I would have helped
You took my heart
You were there for me as I was there for you
So what was different this time
I would do anything for you
Now that you are gone
I can't recover
I wish that you were still alive
But you're not
So I have to go on by myself
I just had a close friend **** them self. Please don't do anything like that. It has a ripple effect on everyone around you.
Manasvi Garg Feb 2019
i’m a prisoner in my own mind
it keeps reminding me i’m nothing-
a waste of space.
everyday goes by scrolling on youtube
and instagram
picking on myself while looking at the cam
till it picks on me-
realizing that one more day slipped
while on this hate-spree.
it’s growing inside of me until it’s no longer a part of me
it is me
dozing into nothingness on a tear-stained couch
waking up to it staring at me
and i crouch
in fear
in pain
in hate
has a weird way to deal with it
‘if you don’t think about it, it will go away
just stop whining about it every single day’
seek meditation
no- this is not a disease that can be solved with medication
just stop
stop, please
this is not something that fades away in a day
or something that i- that we- can control
why can’t you see?
it inches down to my very soul
and the more i try to tame it
the more it takes its toll
i’ve come to terms with it
this must be fate
to be so filled with hate that i suffocate
but never
try to set things straight
resort to help
face the things i’ve dealt
i build up a wall around me
happy exterior
glowing tranquility
while on the inside i bleed
of self-loathe
and pity
‘what’s the problem?’
this is the problem.
picking their voices over my own
silencing everything i’ve ever known
it’s hard, see- to cry for help
when there’s no one to hear your yelp
but yourself.
well today
i’m setting myself free
escaping gradually
no more of being trapped in this bird cage
of being filled with some never-ending rage
this time
i’ll voice my own plea
because today
i choose me.
To anyone who's struggling, don't hesitate to ask for help. Don't bottle it in. Let it out, seek comfort in thing, people, but most importantly- in yourself. Be there for yourself. Days will get better, eventually. This, too, will pass. Just hold on.
Frances May 2018
I scratch my head
I don't want to believe she's dead  

Flood gates are to pour
Chaos is a roar

Her eyes aren't gleaming
While mine are plentifully streaming
I hold little satisfaction
Of this forlorn form of action

My words are kept at bay
Of my emotions I can only say

Let her smile be reborn
And her heartstrings strum untorn
I write this shortly after an old friend took their own life. Rest in piece Lexie Jane

— The End —