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Pear Summers Nov 2019
Why do I even stay
When all you bring is pain
may be because you don't cast me away
but love me even when it's inhumane

You always keep my feelings at bay
it's something I can never explain
you never let me stray
even when you're a demon I try to contain
Armand-DeamoJC Sep 2018
I grant you to gently peek
Careful, for there demons creep
I wish you not to blindly seek
For I've gotten them to peacefully sleep

You may think you can handle
My mistake to reflect
For you'll never again be stable
Your qualities will deflect

I've been falsely honest
Inside lies Diablo himself
You have not yet earnest
your way to the shelf

Her hands perfectly followed my seams
and ripped it apart with my screams
Two more sonnets to come, am I getting this right or not? I do not want to look extremely stupid doing this, I try to touch people inside with my words. I know I sometimes post horrible poems, but I post the ones closer to my heart
Madison Jul 2018
It wasn't my mistake,
You trusted me.
I was your only friend in the dark,
Your little secret,
Your little demon,
You were so beautiful before you broke.
Nobody could ever love some one like you.
Now you're worthless.
Without your looks you're nothing,
Without my voice you're lost,
Can't you see darling,
Your mind is broken,
But I'll take care of you darling,
Just do what I say and you will be beautiful again.
I love you darling.
Can it be?
Those selfish eyes still hold my desire.
They capture my need, and quench my thirst.
How can that be?
As I linger in the shadows,
I capture the sense of her presence, taunting me.
She's beside me.
Knowing I can't escape her longing stare.
I flinch as I sense a tug.
I notice I'm moving away from those deep, dark eyes.
I reach for her, knowing what she holds is the key to my Pandora's box.
I'm awake.
I see nothing more than my own heart upon my sleeve.
I feel no more, as I get up and look in the mirror.
She's right there, looking right at me.
Her crooked smile gives it away, and I realize what is real.
The true demon... Is me.
Nick Huber Dec 2017
What do I do?!?!?
Answer me!!!!
Don't leave me alone.
A nod of the head will suffice.
Should I smash the mirror?
The face that stares back in dissatisfaction?!
Do I blind the eyes,
So they can't look into my own?!
Do I take the lit candle,
place it beneath my face?
Burn my skin, shave my face,
Change my look entirely?

Why can't you answer...
You don't have the time, or is the answer too painful?
It doesn't matter.
I have braved many storms.
Faced the sea in defiance,
Bound my wounds in gauze,
and counted the time it takes the sun to set.
I can handle you.
You who ridicules, charms, then throws my smile away.

You can never run!
I know your secrets!
I know your name!
And someday, your taunts,
Will fall on deaf ears.
I'll look into the mirror,
And stare back,
At my own lustrous eyes!
When I go through my own negative self-talk, I fight back. Even if I don't think I can succeed.
Allison K Sep 2017
It feels like a thousand needles piercing through your heart,
while you are slowly sinking into a bottomless dark hole,
fighting your way out gasping for air.

Countless thoughts going through your head,
struggling to fight your inner demon.

Sleepless nights, endless nightmares,
tears and heartbreaks,
everything seems normal to you.
"I want take another direction, but no road" I said to a friend
"why do you want to do such" she inquired.

If only she knew the demons within
If only she knew how it all began
The troubles, the wars beneath,
everyday I come alive sore
The pain in my heart, the curse given to it
The soul is not within anymore - a living corpse -
Something different I want to be
Not to bear offsprings, they won't agree
Not to be with the opposite 'cos nothing loves
Not to shed a tear 'cos I've gone dry
Not to eat 'cos there's no flesh to feed

To feel my pain, its his only gain
The demon within..
Do as you wish but hurt none within reach
Anyone who knows me, see for your self
My heart and soul hangs at his window pane.
Trying to find that place where its all peaceful.. Where the air is wild and free.. Free from what speaks within...
ryn Nov 2016
He used to walk with life in his stride
He used to strut with a heart full of pride

These days see him stumbling every so often
These days see his eyes vacant and sullen

So I asked if there was anything bothering him
So I asked what is it that made his light so dim

He tarried, then answered with conviction true
He tarried before he finally answered, *"You..."
b Jan 2016
I've heard angels sing but when
you let your voice be heard
I swear it's like all of heaven's angels singing about letting a soul be reborn
Two souls.
We met two years ago on a whim, and
we were unseperable
Momma said it was because we were
twins once before
I didn't believe it until I noticed everything we did was similar
Then I pushed you away, and the demon
came out again, and again until you ran
But I know one day we will be okay

I just have to forgive myself someday.
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