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Allison K Sep 2020
you and i have been on a roller coaster ride nearing 3 years,
and my feelings for you are still the same, or should i say
that i love you more then ever, more than the first time we
laid eyes on each other, more than when you first said "i love you" to me.
i still get butterflies in my stomach whenever we see each other even though we just met yesterday. my heart would burst into mini fireworks at a glance of you, and only you can make me genuinely smile like a crazy person. when it's time to say goodbye, i still catch myself thinking of you right at the moment you leave.
you are all of my daydreams, and my thoughts at night.
you are the reason i want to get up in the morning.

after all this time, the answer is still you.
and i would choose you, over and over again.
Allison K May 2020
they really get to you, don't they?
Allison K May 2020
struggling with self-worth lately.
Allison K May 2020
do everything to your heart's content,
no one can take your happiness away from you.
Allison K May 2020
you gave me the universe
when i only expected earth.
Allison K May 2020
all i need is you to be safe,
everything else is temporary;

hold on to each other,
even though we are apart.
Allison K Mar 2020
learn to love yourself first,
before anyone else.
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