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Dressing **** is the direct opposite of being ****. Certain information should have to be earned rather than given away for free to anyone & everyone who passes by your doorstep.
Preserve That Mystery.
You don't have to expose your body to be termed **** or beautiful. Its way more than what's outside.
The four letter title that follows for eternity
To tell every man who can read,
every man who is still
That one was once a dweller of the patched land.
Be it clothed or ragged, it stays before the earthly name
Before we all attain,
humility should be our compass
Before we all bear 'late' a humble life should be lived. To always live right should be our priority.
Yesterday israfael came again
Took a lovely soul,
and made earth weep
Rest well Josephine,
give that blissful smile to the Lord.
rest in peace Josephine. You will be missed by all. I'm sorry for losing touch with you.
I yearn for the dark
Life to be still
Magnificently Mysterious
Look death in the face,
and life turns a blind eye

I yearn for the dark, I say
Glow to be gloomy
Faintly Fantastic
The graveyard tell it's tale
It receives all, no matter where from

I yearn for the dark
To be still and have none to lay beside
To see it all and know them all
Final Farewell
To be darkened by the Lords light
I have it all
I know them all

On my mobile are all my friends
Since the real ones stab without remorse
On my mobile I lend my trust
Freely I give each morning with a loving 'Hello'
I have none around when life kicks
On my mobile are people who, freely, they give a facade of what not
I am all to none and none to all
I live by me for me and with me


I have it all,
I know them all.
The pain of being alone really hurts. Sometimes, I wish they was someone out there trying to reach me.
Our love was hard to maintain so we broke it
The little things ****** us off
We craved what the flesh wants
And listened not to our hearts
We stay mute when alone and talk louder when we're with friends
A fa├žade we gave to those who wanted
You taste much bitter than you used to
Our lips don't lock but we've got keys to part
Our love was hard to maintain so we broke it
Only thing that made us keep our numbers was the ***
We sold our soul to it times after times
What will we be remembered for
When Tis due our time
To give our sayings to the Man above,
of all our deeds?
Tachycardia hits when noughts been done
Like Table d'hote, are all our acts
   To the homes we brought joy
   To the hearts we mended
   To the hours we spent saving souls
   To the pains we soothed
   To the plans we duly executed
What will we be remembered for
when Tis due our time?
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