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Simon Apr 4
Once a bridge was nothing more than an abstract tool for reasoning. But one day, this very abstract tool for reasoning became the literal direct opposing opposite to this very operation.
(The operation that was meant to be disposed of from the very get-go!)
But something stopped that from becoming a seamless reality...
After all, seamless is nothing more than predictable tension in the right places that don't normally fit into the very crowd of normalities itself.
But the universe is connected by such truths that don't normally (either), point its own self in the right direction full of directionless odds that don't poke and **** your very potential progression forward...if it wasn't truly for the very bridge that again, (as an abstract took for reasoning), points these very directionless odds into a newer meaning than ever before. Hence, an abstract tool (obviously) when dealing with such tension involving the universal boundaries and conditions and features and traits and meanings and properties that surround itself among many other things in its general surroundings that bear itself too much for an actual correct dose of conquest to deal with all at one single time.
Basically, because if that was the actual case (all at one single time...) Then it'd be a non-localized protocol that would pave the way for ALL such manufacturing projects in one single action!
(And non-localized making such advances in the very field of study, for the very meaning that happens all at once, not within the same boundaries from one another, length and size wise.)
Seeing as how big the universe really is, with still too this very date is filled with such EXTREME (unknown sizes and expectations of it, regardless of its own such limits regulated by the very anticipated push for discovery itself). There wouldn't even be a certain timeframe for things to have its own say (in for how ever long they want to take). Instead, you have something happening all at one time, where everything is truly about one thing, and one thing, ONLY...
Nothing is about progression (or even the very process of actually getting it done) when it's all about the bridge that reasons out the very different areas and points of many likelihoods that don't limit its own variety to its own protocols...when their own hunger is trying to go about achieving one's own aim, or goal of precipitation...
When it's entirely longer than the standing idea...that nothing is without flawless results, if and ONLY make it or break its very abstract tool for reasoning itself!
If and only if you do, then you’re looking at yourself as nothing more than the very truthful meaning for "treason."
Once you commit treason... You’re also breaking the connection with the bridge who's meant to connect everything in one single action for conquest. (And not the misguided mindset for simply achieving a consequence full of such disorder.)
If that were the actual case, then everything isn't as connected as one would previously think.
Especially when your very abstract tool for reasoning is the very reasoning for shame in the face of such irrational thinking.
Hence, when different mixtures of fate and probability confront the very limitations (upon their own such instances full to brim of primal instances and events...)
That's when the bridge that is meant to connect an entire universe together.
Becomes the greatest story ever told about a bridge who also...became the abstract tool for reasoning.
A bridge is a tool for building the different gaps in both space and time. However, that doesn't take the very such elongated gaps into account, when dealing with the rough exteriors of just how long they really are...until you limit yourself to the very surroundings of how a real universal bridge connects an entire universe together before your very eyes could limit itself too such incomprehensible facts.
Maja Mar 2020
People fear what they don't understand

and death is an incomprehensible mystery.
Matterhorn Feb 2019
Across the room,
Through the undulating mass;
Somehow, we discover,
Each other's eyes.
She holds my gaze for but a moment,
Then quickly looks away,
Timidly brushing aside a curly strand of hair,
Staring anywhere else.

In the corridor,
Swiftly walking, pushing and shoving;
Our eyes meet once again,
And again,
Her pupils dart immediately to the left or right,
Studying the wall,
Suddenly in love with the smeared fingerprints and tacky posters.
I silently hope to be perceived once again
As she disappears.

Often, it seems
This process repeats.
Who is she?
What is her name?
How is it that, without fail,
We find each other
In one world or another,
One intrigued, the other embarrassed?
For the sake of the miracle, I refuse to know.
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2019
Sarah Mann Aug 2018
Originally purposed as an adjective.
But feels more like a place.
Or perhaps it’s a vibration.
The blue sky  
The ocean
The spanse of the horizon.
They exist, multitudinously.
Far from our concepts.
I strive to accomplish, to be
I wish to become similar to these
Beings of marveled stature,
Worlds of unknown.
The all-encompassing
Awe-inspiring limitless notion
That we know as
August 7, 2018 12:23 PM
Finished on August 16, 2018 8:55PM
MN Columnas Jul 2018
Rain started to pour
Puddles started to tour
One is far from his score
Others want some more

Devastate with ones demise
One can't even help to revise
What use is that device
It can see but can't supervise

Believe in every word that one can say
But sure that one will be able to pay
In his fault, a morning can turn to a mourn day
What can others do? They can't just play

Let not happiness be taken
Don't think you were forsaken
Many can be mistaken
Don't wander in their words that you hearken
Start from the bottom or just the way it is. :)
Kivanc Jun 2018
Killing emotions,
Wanting some sacrifices,
Polluting hearts with judgement.
Josephine May 2018
I was diagnosed with a Major Depressive Disorder.
Who could of known I've always felt empty and alone.
Many sleepless nights
Filled with nightmares and fright
Nothing I do makes me happy anymore
I feel it sometimes, when I spend some time outside
But then its like a dark shadow, reaching above me..
Ready to tower over and hurt me.
My heart races throughout the day
Wishing that I didn't have to stay
So I can lay in bed and think
And let my thoughts sink
Mother calls me lazy
If not often crazy
My mood changes from left and right
Maybe she is right.
Who knows how long this will go
I don't know?
I feel cold and alone
Weak at my bones
Doesn't make sense, I don't make sense
Writing this just made me upset
I don't know if this whole poem makes sense
I mean .. what is there to expect?
Everything is just a mess.
What did I miss? . .
What even is this.
Just thought to type this out to feel better. Sorry if it doesn't make sense.
outward brain stem hummock
     analogously, (asper bound
minuscule magnum opus)
     figuratively paginated with drowned
atavistic animal instincts

     roar back to life upon found
perceived or real threat adrenaline
     splashes cerebral hemispheres
     triggering body electric
     to become alert as a blood hound

countless millenniums ago
the flight or fight reaction apropos
when savage beasts
     threatened tribe with bro
whizzing primitive creatures some forced tweet crow

wing, thence railing, swooping,
     trouncing dough
main housing small cluster of emo
ting primates (gabbling in primal
     grunts and groans witnessing ruminants

     scurrying to and fro
survival of the fittest danger field
     thus by dint of inherent smarts didst grow
outwitting wily coyote, or other lion eyes, ***
ping automatic saving grace tactics recalled,
when looming predator doth woof
     and warp emergency arises,
     when debacle fore stalled
for time against getting mauled
whereby each subsequent ruse
out foxing fierce-some, hungry non a mew
zing potential breakfast, lunch,
     or dinner as the sorry loo

sir aye sic newt ton, sans this non nonsense game of "Life",
     which thru countless millenniums strategies grew
layered upon left and right cerebral hemispheres few
till hetty became diminished

     as con tra bands of bipedal hominids drew
upon accumulated storied history
     learned from Bubba Zayda's
     many times over motley crew

squirreling modus operandi
     wove (traversing eons)
     corpus collosum hair
     (more so nerve fiber weave

a microscopic whirled wide web linkedin
     left and right fist size gray matter
     coated with transparent integument
     custom made swiftly tailored sleeve

ah...proving grounds,
     when forebears of **** Sapiens
     touch and go tagged on permanent leave
     on par with imagining dragons easy to believe.
as origin of **** Sapien species surged ahead,
harboring nascent predominance
   asper said primate reproductively bred
(albeit via incremental fits and starts)
   evolutionary forebears didst dread

   lock, stock and barrel arboreal cred
whence, (since time immemorial) nasty, short
   brutish, loutish, and vampish anthropological,
genealogical, and millennial report
   card found forebears

   precariously position quart
toured place de resistance purport
   head supremacy devastatingly,
   heavily, and literally bruited nearly abort
ting tentative tenacious status oft times

challenged minuscule leading edge
proto humans rendered perch
   (on evolutionary leading cusp) fund hedge
ching hypothetical bets said simians

   nearly toppled off figurative privy ledge
against being easily uprooted
   akin to one weeding out unwanted sedge
imposing fledgling breakfast of champions
   clinging to niched wedge

while serial incessant challenges nearly wrote
off and snuffed out, extinct et cetera
   clinched placed viz *** him tote
often at fateful loggerheads,
   where survival of the fittest  smote
poised dawn of dusky mankind

   viz apish creatures almost got rote
   off while chance dominance, eminence grise
   pitted, spitted, and got vetted sans un quote
   able primal screaming expletives
pitted Neanderthal progenitors note

worthy kickstarter scrum
   ump hired held dim promise,
   whether weathered brood,
which smattering population comprised
   a scattered handful of rudimentary

   destined to become
   some ascribe God's sigh propitiated
   contemporary lass hit dude
whence, amidst looming pointed danger
   confronted Geico caveman,

   and aside from external
   threatening depredations
   comprised tribal family feud
where might versus right
   the deterministic factor aye include

at undoubtedly animalistic behavior
   defied being categorized as lewd
since each monkey's uncle
   punctuated equilibrium with cut throat

   i.e. Maciavellian imprimatur
   fate didst not occlude
attested via rotogravure fledgling artistic shewed
also absence of consciousness rued four words
   (count them) - to the present system of a down day
when carnal, feral, and integral leanings attempted
   to rope hormonal, gonadal, and banal found
   more recent ancestors (discovered
   visa vis like 23andme)

   on a greenday rolled in the hay
under natural predilection to lay
naked, especially frisky comb early May
procreative force
   engendered the writer of this poem,
   when his parents coaxed fore play

unbeknownst, that their singular heir,
   would be afflicted with countless
   mental ollie ollie oxen stinging ray
obsessive compulsive mailer to slay
ritualistic controlling psychic threnody
dominated favored holistic paradigm oye vay.
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